Your Bunny Shit Is
My Funny Shit!

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Daily Fuel #3 - Your Bunny Shit Is My Funny Shit! - powered by Happy Scribe

Hey, everybody, it's your boy, Garrett J. White, the founder of Wake Up Warrior, and welcome to today's new Daily Fuel. Today's topic is this, "Other People's Rabbit Shit Becomes Your Shit." Sit back and relax, and welcome to today's Daily Fuel.

In a marketplace driven by fear, the only thing that will allow you to win is fire. My friends, welcome to the Daily Fuel.

All right, my friends. So here is the 411. All right, listen, my wife has this problem. It's called the damn Instagram. My children have a problem. It's called the damn tick tock. I got a lot of problems, too. But these problems are blatant, right?

My wife just swipes and swipes and swipes. Now she uses the storyline of, well, I got so much so much stuff to do for my business. I'm like ehhh, I like how you justified all that, but I don't know.

Well, one of the days she was sitting there here a couple of weeks ago and she kept scrolling and looking at bunnies. Now, my daughter, whose birthday just happened, she just turned nine, was constantly, passionately talking about bunnies.

She wanted a bunny for a long time. She used to have a bunny. Bunny died. Right. Bunny died because our dog attacked the bunny. My daughter always used to have guinea pigs. Those guinea pigs died also because the dog attacked the guinea pigs.

Notice the pattern. Dog attacks and shit, the babies die. The guinea pigs die, the rabbit dies. Things just die, right? We have a tendency to kill rodents, not on purpose. They just end up happening either because the storms or because the dogs.

So anyways, we're sitting there, my wife's looking on the Instagram. And next thing I know, she's sending me a text message here the next day and she says, hey, do you have one hundred fifty dollars in cash that you can give me or can Parker, my son, can he come grab it? I was like, for what? She's like, I'm sending him to Riverside to go pick up a bunny. I was like, going to go get a bunny, a bunny for what?

Bunny for Ruby's birthday. I was like, you're getting a bunny for the birthday? God, come on.

Right. This addiction to the Instagram and the pictures and the cute bunny pictures and it looks nice, right? This cute little bunny all cuddled up on Instagram looking at people and everyone's like, oh. Bunnies are like dogs. You can put them in pictures and everybody likes it. It's like, oh, so cute. Look at that bunny. Everybody's happy.

So we get the bunny, right. The bunny shows up, we get the cage, we do the whole thing. My daughter loves it. She's super stoked. But I'm waiting for the part that I always get to deal with, with the bunnies and the guinea pigs and the hamsters and the dogs and the cats and every other thing that we've gotten in the house over the years, which is, no one in the house, wants to clean the shit up except for me. I'm the one that gets to clean this shit up.

So my wife's sitting there with Bunny in the very first night, bunny sitting on her lap, all of a sudden she's like, oh, no, I think it just peed on me. Of course it did. That's what bunnies do, they pee and they shit everywhere.

They, like, have shotgun shells that just fly out their ass, like seventy-five different pellets at the same time. I'm like, how do you fucking shit that much bunny? Seriously, you don't even eat that much. You have like some grass, next thing you know, you shoot like forty- five little shotgun pellets out your butt.

So my wife's sitting there. The poop's on her, the pee's on her. We have the bunny. It's been a couple of days now and I look at my daughter, on Sunday, and we're trying to clean up her cage. And she's like, Dad, I don't want to clean this cage up. And I said, well, I don't care what you want to do, you need to clean cage this up. You got the bunny, it's your birthday bunny, you get to learn to clean the cage up.

Well, I found myself there cleaning while trying to teach her how to clean her cage. I've taught her how to clean her cage like fifty-two times. But I'm sitting there stuck cleaning up somebody else's shit.

And this, my friend, is the challenge, one person's shit becomes your shit. This is the lesson. All right, one person's shit becomes your shit, your wife's shit becomes your shit, your kid's shit becomes your shit, your shit is your shit. But it also goes the other direction, which is your shit is your wife's shit. Your shit is your kid's shit.

So I can sit here in this situation where I'm like, oh, I gottta clean up this bunny rabbit, I gotta clean up this bunny poop. I got to deal with this bunny shit, and I gotta deal with the bunny pee, and I got to be doing the dog pee and I got to do with the dog shit out in the backyard. I got to deal with all this shit.

And my mind only looked at me having to deal with other people's shit, right? They decided that the bunny... I'm cleaning up the bunny shit. But the part that I really want to shift my mind on, and the part I want you to shift your mind on a single from this way. It's real easy to look at the shit that everybody else has going on that rolls into your lap. But what about the shit that you have going on that rolls into everybody else's lap?

For a long time in my marriage, all I could focus on was how it was so rough to be married to my wife. Then one day I had this weird awakening. Shit. It's probably pretty rough to be married to me. I was like that, that's some serious, real talk for you.

So my question for you, as you sit and look at all the shit that's rolling around, the shit's rolling into your lap, where are you currently allowing your shit to roll into other people's laps and you just expect them to clean it up? No different than my wife and daughter expecting me to clean up bunny pellets, which I will be doing.

But where in your world are you doing that right now?Where do you allow your shit to roll into somebody else's lap and then you expect them to clean it up? My friend, into the Stack game, you go into the Stack game, and the Core 4, and the Code of the Warrior's way. Check out the rest of the apps here inside of this amazing experience. Thank you so much for being here in this Daily Fuel. I'm out. This is Garrett J White signing off and saying love and light, good morning, good afternoon, and good night.

My friend, you just finished the Daily Fuel. Here's the deal, I ask you a question specific to a story, but the ultimate question I have for you, are you willing to do the work? In a world filled with fear, every single day you have a decision: to learn, to live, and to lead.

My friend, the Stack, Core 4, the DOOR, and the Game. They're your weapons and your shield. Take this fuel, take those weapons, and light yourself on fire. Get to work... now.

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