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WC4 Key Event Details

  • 4-Days of ACTION-Packed LIVE Training Oct 26-29, 2022

  • You'll Get THOUSANDS In Bonuses Included For FREE!

  • Expected Daily Schedule: 8am - 6/7pm Pacific

  • Location: Plug-In Virtually Through Zoom

  • Your Ticket: $1,000 $747 $497

From The Desk of Garrett J. White
From The Desk of Garrett J. White

Founder of Wake Up Warrior

  • Stop Suffering In Silence...Stop Settling For A Life Of Scarcity…

It's Time For You To Feel Certain In An Uncertain World…By Creating Your Ultimate Life of Freedom!
  • And BREAK THROUGH Every Limitation In YOUR LIFE!

It’s true my friend…

It can seem like the sky is falling all around you.

Where every morning you wake up and feel the weight of the world pressing down upon you…

Pounding you into submission and scarcity.

Whether it’s in your Body, Being, Balance or Business (or all 4)…

It can feel as if the stress of building success is about to break your back and snap you in two…

No matter how hard you try to make a change for the better.

And it can feel hopeless…I’ve been there myself.

Plus, it’s a feeling that affects you whether you’re struggling to break even in business…

Or someone who keeps getting suffocated by a six or seven-figure ceiling.

No matter where you are now…

You’re looking to GET UNSTUCK!

Because if you’re anything like US here at Warrior…

  • You refuse to give up and accept the idea of settling for a “good life.”

  • You refuse to give up on your dream of living on YOUR OWN TERMS.

  • You refuse to give up on creating the life you want for yourself & your family...

That’s why before you ever came across this page today…

You’ve been relentlessly committed to transforming yourself into a high achiever who breaks through every ceiling and lives with zero limits.

You want to Become More, so you can Have More which means you can DO MORE!

And that’s why you’ve been playing the sometimes overwhelming game of personal development, self-help, and empowerment for months, years…or even decades now.

Yet here you are on this page in this very moment…

  • Still seeking answers to the painful problems that prevent you...



Because everything else you’ve ever tried, tested, and invested in before kept trying to slap band-aids on your self-doubt and fear.

They just kept painting a picture of happy-clappy possibilities with no proven system, science, process or simple action plans to back it all up, and help MAKE IT A REALITY FOR YOU!

All those empty promises only temporarily patched up your pain and caused you to overdose on the quick fix “feeling high on motivation.”

But then you got back to the real world…

And you found yourself with…

  • No real tools to transform your business and money game.

  • No real way for you to rebuild a deep, joyful connection with your kids.

  • No real fuel to effortlessly stay disciplined to keep your body a fine-tuned machine of muscle, health, and vitality.

  • No real ability to reconnect with your spouse so you can spark the flames of desire, intimacy, and heartfelt partnership that seem like a dream come true.


You, unfortunately, found yourself trapped in a no man’s land of frustration, overwhelm and fear that left you paralyzed with no sense of REAL POWER IN YOURSELF!

Today is the day Everything Changes.

Because I am 100% certain that you found this page on purpose.

Call it blind luck, cosmic chance, or divine timing…

You were brought here for a reason my friend.

  • You were called to BE THE CREATOR of the life you really want.

  • You were called to BE AN INSPIRING LEADER (but not just any leader).

  • You were born to BE FREE!

Up until now, you just didn’t know the path to that power.

#WarriorCon4 is that path, and it is proven.

In fact,

We’ve been walking our talk of liberating transformation since 2012…

10 years of pressure testing every tool, method, and mindset necessary for someone to rise out of any Pit of Pain…

And Claim their next Peak of Power.

We are 100% committed to this mission that leads to your greatest victories…

And we’re inviting you to walk it together with us right now.

And your first step is simple: Join Us Inside 4-Day #WarriorCon4 Experience October 26-29, 2022

You Didn’t Know What You Didn’t Know…
So Let It All Go.

Right here, right now…

You can stop beating yourself up about everything you could’ve done differently in the past.

It’s ok to just let it all go.

All that matters is that you’re HERE today…

Because our entire mission here at Wake Up Warrior is to provide you with…

  • Time-tested, real-world proven principles & tools that unleash shocking new profits

Not just in your business & finances…

But with your fitness, faith, and family too.

Over the last 10+ years…

I’ve literally watched thousands of good people give up seconds before they found THE Solution that would put themselves back in the driver’s seat of your life…

  • A Shockingly Simple Solution We Call the Warrior's Way:

The #1 System, Art & Science to You Finally HAVING IT ALL!

Now...Notice I carefully chose the words...
“System, Art & Science”

Not a bunch of law of attraction hype, B.S., and fantasy foolishness.

We’ve been building and proving the unheard-of effectiveness of our cutting-edge tools, software, and systems that make up The Warrior’s Way Methodology for 10+ years now.

55,000+ committed entrepreneurs, leaders and creators such as yourself have leveraged it to escape the cage of scarcity & limiting beliefs, and have redesigned their entire lives.

And we’re merely getting started.

  • We have countless people who saved their marriages from the brink of heartbreak and high-priced divorces…

  • People who reconnected with their kids and found a way to show up as a parent where their children respect, love and adore them.

  • People who dropped pounds of embarrassing fat or packed on muscle so they could take back control of their health and feel proud of their body again.

  • People who discovered a fresh connection to their faith in a higher power or found peace of mind in knowing they are never alone.

  • People who fired up their finances through getting a raise, pursuing a new career, or stacking more cash flow in their now ever-growing business(es).

Now...Do Any of these life changing results sound familiar to you?

Probably because the above are examples of the same real-life results you’ve been craving and wanting to create for yourself and your family forever…RIGHT?

And I’m willing to bet my ass that every weekend seminar, webinar, and digital course you’ve tried in the past promised you an easy button to make the life-changing breakthroughs you were seeking…YES?

But it wasn’t so easy, was it?

  • They filled your head with dreams but never really gave you the means to get there.

So I totally get it if you’ve felt let down, betrayed, and left behind in the past.

Because that’s exactly what they did to you…

(…and it’s OK if you’re a bit pissed off…)

I experienced all of that same pain when I was trying to find my own way to freedom…

Until finally I had to carve a new path to create my own power.

Because I was done with all the fluffy fantasy-driven vision boards, dream scaping, and wishful thinking.

I needed something

Something that was practical, scientific, and tactical in nature.

Something that I could count on daily to create steady and consistent results inside of my Body, Being, Balance, AND Business.

Something that is “unnaturally” simple, yet wildly effective.

That “something” is what I want to share with you virtually over 4 straight days of mind-blowing, life-changing training at #WarriorCon4.

Where you’ll Learn the principles that unlock your personal power, confidence, and certainty in how you not only show up for yourself – but more importantly create lasting results at speeds previously unheard of…

I’ll walk you through the same proven processes that my elite coaching clients use on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis to unleash radical results that most never imagine.

You’ll be given access to our revolutionary software tools and put them to the test so you can create an instant shift in your thinking that creates legit transformations. (Yes…That’s Plural…Repeatedly)

And you’ll walk away with your personal, customized roadmap that will guide you to realistically (and reliably) hit your goals and create shocking new wins in your life.

But I have to give you a fair warning…

  • WARNING:  There's a piece of you who will not want to actually take action, accept, use or follow any of what you will be given here…Which would be a costly trap to fall into.


Your human brain will overthink it…

Question it…

Complicate it.

Because as a human in today’s society…

You are wired to believe the path really can’t be this simple.

So it’ll feel “unnatural” to you, an possibly “unreal”.


You've been lied to long enough.

It’s time someone gave you THE TRUTH!

Tap into it at #WarriorCon4.

It’s time for you to create a real, lasting transformation.

It’s time for you to take back YOUR LIFE!

You Don’t Need To Believe Me…Because Numbers Don’t Lie, and More Importantly?
The Reality Is That THOUSANDS Have An Unfair Advantage...
Having access to the Warrior Tools & Systems...And the RESULTS are simply put undeniable, and continues to grow daily in inside thousands of lives!

What’s that old saying?

The proof is in the pudding.

Meaning it doesn’t mean a damn thing what I say to you on this page…

What matters is what you can measure with your own eyes.

You want EVIDENCE…Period.

End of Story.

You want to hear and feel the stories of success of our students, customers, members, and clients.

You want to see what we’ve done for someone just like you.

It’s about our Walk…

Not our Talk.

You want me to

And so I will.

Not only when you come to #WarriorCon4 where you will be taken through a proven process and get an experience unlike anything you’ve been through before…

And, where you’ll even leave armed with the #1 System, Art & Science to HAVING IT ALL that thousands are leveraging on a daily basis to continuously increase their profits in Business, Family & Life…

But also right now…

By sharing just a few shockingly powerful pieces of “The Untold Stories of Wake Up Warrior”…

Starting with a man named Jason who found us in late 2019 as he...
faced the darkest pit of his life at 48 years old.

His body was broken down, his faith was lost, and he felt completely isolated and had just lost his biggest (and only) client…

He felt hopeless and utterly alone.

Then he took his first steps inside the Warrior’s Way…and he found his fire again.

As he began to leverage everything he was learning step-by-step…

He kicked down doors of possibilities he never believed he deserved or even had the power to walk through…

  • Completing his first ever Half-Marathon even after a lifetime of hating running

  • Reconnecting with his faith and recharging his spirituality

  • Building bonds with new friends and diving back into dating for the first time in years

  • AND stepping fully into his soul purpose gifts and earning the most money in his entire life.

When Jason found Warrior and chose to LEAN IN and Go All In with everything that he was given inside…

He found his REBIRTH!

But Jason’s story is only one of many.

  • Conan…Broke himself out from under the bottle, allowed himself to feel real gratitude for who he was (and who he was becoming), AND launched a brand new business that brings joy and profits to his life.

  • Shannon…Allowed herself to let go of needing to be strong 24/7 and invite long overdue healing...Her relationship was reignited and to top it all off she now has unshakeable certainty in herself and her calling as a thriving business leader.

  • John…Dealt with the inner demons of his past so he could build a beautiful home life connecting with his kids, date his lovely wife weekly, AND rock it as a financial advisor leading a team managing 150 million in assets.

  • Joseph…Lost 75 pounds, has his marriage back on fire, and now enjoys fun-filled times with his kids while building his dream business...PLUS, found new healing of the deepest wound of losing his father to suicide.

These stories are what drives me every day.

These stories are why everyone on our team is relentlessly committed to this mission.

These stories are why we had to bring you the Virtual Experience that is #WarriorCon4.

Will your story be next?
We Even Have HOURS of Proof Through Our...
Deep-Impact Case Study Videos
So if you're still skeptical? Feel free to binge-watch the small 5-hour sample below so you can see for yourself how much you're missing out on by staying on the sidelines...

Russ Perry

“I 10X'D My Business, and My Connection with My Wife & Daughters Is Off the Charts...”

Russ Perry created a life most will never experience, and shows you what's inarguably possible with the Warrior's Way. He has grown his business from 6-figures a year to $1M+ a Month; while Igniting His Marriage and parenting life with Purpose, Love, Intimacy & Connection.

Garrett J. White

“My Journey Has a Been a NIGHTMARE...And At the Same Time, My GREATEST Fantasies...”

In this video taken straight out of the Warrior VAULT, you'll learn from Garrett’s rise AND embarrassing moments as a Businessman, Producer and Communicator…And as you'll see evidence of...If Garrett can become the Powerful Leader of TODAY...There's no excuses...You can too.

  • WAIT!? Why is there a 'Case Study Video' of GARRETT here?

The answer is simple. Like you, he is a MAN!

But unlike most these days…

He WALKS His Talk, and is a Product of the Product.

And in all reality, he created the Warrior’s Way to liberate himself and his family, FIRST!

For years, Garrett was the #1 Case Study of Warrior.

Until others such as yourself leveraged his creations to ultimately surpass him and the undeniable results he has created for himself…

And that can be you too…When you join us for #WarriorCon4

WE invite you to ATTEMPT to prove US ALL wrong...

Just know the only way to do that is to actually give yourself permission to GO ALL IN, LEAN IN and let this SET YOU FREE!

Choose wisely.

Nick Long

“How Am I Gonna Raise a Man When I'm Not Even One? What Am I Gonna Do?”

Growing his business from $300k/yr to $3.5M, and on the fast-track to $7M, Nick faced the 'Trifecta of Insanity' it is to be a Husband, a Father, and a Businessman. Dying On the Inside, He Was Ready to Burn It All to the Ground. This film shows how he found his fight again, and his truth.

Jim Steg

“My Wife Hated Me, My Daughters Hated Me... I Was Blind to What I Had.”

The Stakes Were HIGH for Jim, and he didn't even know it. He's a true example of how a man who (unknowingly) was living a one-dimensional life; and as a Result Almost Lost His Two Daughters, His Wife, His Business, and Even His Own Life. Grab a tissue for this one.

Cullen Talley

“What I Thought I Wanted... I Was There. But I Felt Empty, Lost & Miserable.”

Scared to Even Believe 'HAVING IT ALL' could be true for him; and become a reality for him, Cullen Made Warrior His Priority. What he found was Answers; a Purpose; a Divine Desire to Create; and the life he ultimately wanted for himself, his wife, and his family.

Garrett J. White (Part 2)

“I Had to Be Taken to My KNEES...And Have Everything Stripped Away...”

This video will take you on a journey to places you’d never expect...You'll hear Garrett rip himself open and tear away all of his armor sharing his dark past. Plus, you’ll hear from his wife Danielle as she shares memories of her agonizing pain of being married to Garrett before he chose to RISE...

Az Araujo

“Changed the Legacy of My Bloodline.”

AZ and His wife were about to burn it all: Their business, their marriage; the lives they had built together. On the Verge of Losing It All, they used Warrior to double down on their marriage, and their business... In this film, they share how they Unified & Created an Empire...TOGETHER!

Jesse Ewell

“I Was Afraid She Couldn't Handle Me.”

Successful Gym owner and businessman Jesse came to Warrior looking for Deeper Fire, Purpose & Connection in his life, and with his family. What him and his wife Katy found was a New Bond that helped them Double Their Business & Intimacy all at the same time.

Shahn Ellis

“I Knew I Was On the Path of Losing My Business & Marriage...”

Shahn came to Warrior knowing if he stayed his current course, He'd Lose Everything He Had Built. Warrior gave him business tools to Explode His Business while Sequentially Healing and Turning Up the Volume in his marriage and kids' life. Shahn is a beacon.

Michael Isom

“I Had Built, Lost and Built Again. I Wanted Guarantees This Time...”

Successful Financial Planner and Investor, Michael Isom, had built steam On a Second Ascent to Big Success, and was searching for a Better System to Ensure Its Growth while pouring time and attention into his family. Brotherhood Member #1; Mike's story is inspiring.

Rick Steele

“I Was Looking For a Group of Powerful Men I Could Relate to.”

eCommerce maverick Rick Steele was already living life beyond most's dreams. 70MM company, healthy, great family. But there was a Search, a Gap He Wanted to Fill Through Powerful Association with 4-Dimensional Men. Such a cool dude! Check this story.

Michael Buffington

“I Had No Power As a Man Anymore to Do What I Knew I Was Able to Do...”

With a 13+ year long friendship & mentorship blowing up, losing a 6-figure business deal, and a son struggling with addiction, Michael found himself Lost & Powerless. Warrior helped him Unlock His Power & Purpose As a Businessman and a Leader, Re-Ignite His Marriage, and Unify His Family.

Alan Earl

“I Got More Out of This Than My Masters In Business...”

Alan Earl came to Warrior for modern business strategy, marketing, and beyond. What he got was more than he planned; A Brotherhood to Help Him Hit Big Results and Tools to Become a Better Dad.

Greg Anderson

“Already Being Successful, I Redrew the Line for What Was Great for Me.”

Serial entrepreneur Greg Anderson used the methods of Warrior to take an already great life, and Completely Redefined What 'Having It All' Meant to Him; Expanded His Business without Burning Out; and 10X'D His Income.

So Far...More than 55,0000+ Have Embraced the Warrior's Way
And Leveraged It to LIVE FREE & CREATE The Results They Desire For Themselves and Their Family!
  • Why do I even share all of this with you?

Because I want to remove all doubt from your skeptical mind...
  • So that you can make an empowered decision today.

We’ve invested multiple millions of dollars in our systems, processes, and software tools.

We have over 10 years of data on what works and doesn’t work when it comes to the game of personal and professional development.

The results of those who “do the work” of this Warrior’s Way are undeniable.

We’ve earned the proof you require.

We’ve paid the price in our pursuit to EMPOWER YOU TO RISE!

This is our mission.

What could you prove to yourself is possible if you chose to GO ALL IN NOW?

We have your back all the way.

Join us at #WarriorCon4.
Breakthrough All The B.S.


I’ve done my best to keep it absolutely “Real & Raw” with you here.

To simply shoot it to you straight my friend.

I don’t want to waste your time…

Because I know you feel like you’ve lost so much already.

  • PERIOD! It's That Simple.

This is why I want you to experience for yourself what we call “The Warrior Time Warp.”

For you to step into this proven process that empowers you to achieve more in the last two months of this year so that you end 2022 riding high on something REAL; and feeling virtually unstoppable.

  • But I don't want you to stop there.

Because more importantly,

  • I want you to carry that mind bending momentum into 2023…and beyond.

You deserve to take your shot at experiencing what your life can feel like when you LIVE FREE!

But feelings aren’t enough are they?

You want mountains of evidence that you can MEASURE!

You require results that actually show up in Your REAL World, RIGHT?

This is why we play the game of profits across your entire life…not just business.

Because it’s one thing for you to show up at a new level of leadership in your career that triples your yearly bonus AND gets you a 10% pay raise…

Or better yet have the unshakeable certainty to take your own business to the next level and 4X your take-home pay in only 12 months…

But that’s merely the beginning of your potential for life-changing profits…

  • Imagine your romantic relationship being the perfect combo of passion, intimacy, support and knowing you're in love with your soul mate.

  • If you have kids, you come home from work and they greet you with cheesy smiles and heartfelt hugs...And they feel they can truly talk to you as a parent & mentor while also trusting you like a friend too.

  • No matter where you are on the topic of faith, you wake up every morning with the calming peace of mind that YOU ARE NEVER ALONE and you are part of something so much bigger.

  • PLUS, your Body is hitting on all cylinders as you train and fuel yourself in ways that you enjoy that keep you healthy, extremely confident, and on fire with your fitness.

So Let Me Ask You This Simple Question...
What kind of profits will YOU stack up when you Become 100% FREE & LIMITLESS As a Creator?

Because you deserve to call the shots of what success looks like to you.

You deserve to unlock your ability to create a life by YOUR DESIGN.

Imagine if what was in your mind was showing up as YOUR WORLD RIGHT NOW?

You’ve been searching far too long for a way to elevate what your life can become.

And right NOW?

  • #WarriorCon4 is your chance to Experience First-Hand How to Radically Transform all of your expectations of what’s possible my friend.

It's time you REDEFINE Your Reality.

It's time for you to CHOOSE Yourself.

It's time for you to RISE with us.

Join Us At #WarriorCon4

Wondering What You'll Get to Experience With Us During #WarriorCon4?
Here's How Your 4-Day Personal Evolution Will Unfold...
  • #WarriorCon4 Day #1: Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Your Outcome: WAKE UP!

Day 1 is going to bend your mind and reshape your entire reality as we will guide you through our proven process that strips away all your B.S….

So you can stand strong in YOUR FACTS.

For the first time ever, you’ll know what it feels like to STOP LYING…

And instead, START LEADING yourself down a path of extreme liberation from YOUR TRUTH Living By The Warrior Code.

Myself and a hand-selected band of brothers will be holding the frame, teaching, training, and inspiring you to go deeper and get more honest with yourself as…

  • You secure yourself a rock-solid foundation of YOUR FACTS across your Body, Being, Balance, and Business.

By the end of Day 1, you’ll not only unlock the Real & Raw Reality of where you are now – and find the deeper underlying factors of WHY and HOW you got here in the first place…

More importantly, you’ll discover what’s working, not working and what MUST CHANGE TO EXPLODE YOUR LIFE!

In just the first 24 hours of #WarriorCon4, you’ll walk away with the facts that will set you FREE to BECOME the Greatest Version of You…

And allow you to finally put an end to all the fantasy thinking that kept you in a cage for years & years, or even decades!

You'll Ultimately Be Completely UNCAGED, with the 1st of 3 Pieces of...
Your Personal MAP to Ultimate Freedom Complete & In Hand!
  • #WarriorCon4 Day #2: Thursday, October 27, 2022

Your Outcome: TAKE A KNEE!

Once you’ve dug in deep and established the facts that set you free on Day 1…You’ll step into your day 2 ready to surrender to a reality the world has been hiding from you.

That you are the CREATOR, AUTHOR and CRAFTSMAN of all that you see in your world through the stories you carry in your mind.

And during this reality-shattering and profoundly powerful day of Thursday, Oct 27, 2022…

  • You will not only be given the single greatest tool of transformation inside of Warrior so you can harness your inner divine creative force that drives you to dominate your days.

  • We'll be diving into the WarriorApp TOGETHER to Learn Through DOING How to Best Leverage the #1 Weapon & Power Tool for a FREE MAN to unleash wealth across his entire life through changing every inner story that suffocates his power.

To take those stories of scarcity and reframe them into ones that pivot yourself into abundance, and ultimately prosperity…AND, with unwavering certainty lead yourself daily to YOUR ULTIMATE FREEDOM, and Your LEGACY.

By the end of this Monumental Day of Your #WarriorCon4 Experience, you’ll unleash this elite secret weapon of Warrior so you can access the most practical and potent way daily to find UNLIMITED REVELATIONS; and more importantly, turn them into FEARLESS ACTION!

You'll Leave Day #2 Liberated From Your Most Crippling Limited Beliefs...
And Have NEW Personalized Frames For How YOU Can Powerfully Live & Lead An Extraordinary Life!
  • #WarriorCon4 Day #3: Friday, October 28, 2022

Your Outcome: HAVE IT ALL!

Once you hit Day 3 with us, you’ll be rapidly accelerating yourself towards a vision and proven path to your 10X “Have It All” Lifestyle.

Because of the intensity and clarity of your work over the first 2 days of #WarriorCon4, you’ll finally see that you’ve been settling for far less than you were called to BECOME as a Powerful LEADER, and Producer of Profits.

  • I will guide you step by step through a VISION QUEST of tactically hunting down the next level of seemingly impossible targets that will set you free at levels you have never known before.

  • Your heart, mind, and soul will feel a surge of unshakeable certainty as you see with crystal clear eyes the version of you who shifts from a 6-figure a year earner to an Unstoppable Business Leader who racks up 7-8 figures OR MORE!

  • You will map out Your New Truth that reveals you as a man FULLY TRANSFORMED across your Body, Being, Balance AND Business.

I don’t say this lightly.

You will never forget this day EVER…

Because it was the day YOU CHOSE TO FULLY RISE!

After the 3rd Day of WC4...You'll Be Forever Empowered With An...
Unshakable Belief In You Winning The Impossible Game of Creating REAL Freedom, and Lasting Prosperity!
  • #WarriorCon4 Day #4: Saturday, October 29, 2022

Your Outcome: BECOME FREE!

This is when it all comes together my friend.

By the time we are done with Day #4 you will see just how doable and “shockingly” simple it really is to finally live FREE with zero limitations…

And you will uncover the confidence that you can achieve more in the next 12 months than you have in the last 10 years…That you can REALLY Have It All.

  • Your Body weaponized and overloaded with vitality

  • Your Being unleashing the deepest connection and conversations with God

  • Your Balance has your marriage on fire and your kids respect and adore you

  • Your Business is a profit-stacking, purpose-driven prosperity machine that allows you to create a lifestyle that SETS YOU FREE TO BE ALL OF YOU!

Because you’ll be weaponized with the entire Arsenal of the Warriors Way Weapons.

I will guide you to know exactly how to leverage the Proprietary Power Tools of Warrior every day to not only know what to do but also assure that you have and consistently create even more of the predictable power, perspective and passion to do it.

For many of you, these four days will be the most intense, emotional, empowering and liberating of your entire life.

You will leave with MAPS knowing exactly what to do every day & every week for the rest of 2022 to assure you WIN BIG in 2023…And beyond.

Listen...This 4-Day Transformational Experience Will Give You An Almost...
Unlimited Amount Of Freedom…Power…And Control In Your Life.

This isn’t just about learning some cool self-development tools, hacks, and strategies…

This is about BECOMING who you must be to create a ripple effect of Significant, Lasting CHANGE in your own special way.

You have a God-given giftand our mission is to help give you the strategies, tools, and mindset that you need to create the life that you were put on Earth to live.

And that’s my goal for you when you attend #WarriorCon4.

And remember…

This Is Your DEFINING Moment


Choose to BE FREE!

  • Get Your Personal Ticket To This Life-Altering...

4-Day #WarriorCon4 Virtual Experience For Just $497 TODAY!

Join the Ranks of 55,000+ Warriors Such As Yourself Who Changed Their Lives with the...
Proven, Time-Tested, Simple Yet Incredibly Powerful System to Ultimately HAVING IT ALL:
The Warrior's Way
  • NOW is your chance to say “never again.”

Never again will you have to sacrifice one part of your life in order to thrive in another.

Through everything that you will experience at #WarriorCon4 October 26-29, 2022…

You’ll walk away with the mindsets, skill sets, tools, and transformation that sets you down a proven path to winning BIG in all areas of your life – simultaneously.

  • You can build your 'perfect' Body

  • Strengthen your sense of a higher power

  • Light your marriage on fire with passion and intimacy…

  • Reconnect with your kids both as a parent and their best friend…

  • AND smash scarcity as you rake in way more dough.

By the time you walk out of your 4-Day #WarriorCon4 Virtual Experience…

You’ll be able to shatter any obstacle that tries to set you back in the future and never again settle for a life that’s less than what you really want for yourself & your family..

This is your shot at creating REAL & LASTING success…

Take It Now.

We’ve been building (and living) this mission for 10+ years now…

All so we could be ready for this moment and this conversation that leads to…

You Changing It All



#WarriorCon4 was built FOR YOU!

We are ready if you are.

Grab Your Virtual Seat Now By Clicking the Blue Button Below.

And I’ll see you October 26-29, 2022.


Garrett J. White

Founder of Wake Up Warrior,
Author of the WarriorBox,
Creator of the WarriorApps,
Guide of the WarriorMaps.

  • Here's Everything You Get to Experience & Access When You...

Get Your Personal Virtual Ticket to #WarriorCon4 For Just $497 TODAY!

  • Your Ticket Increases By $250 In...

  • Four (4) Impactful Days of Intense LIVE Training

    $10,000 Value

YES, That's Right! The committed elite caliber entrepreneurs and business leaders who accepted their private invitation to join me in person in Vegas for #WarriorCon4? They all invested $10k for the privilege…

Yet for a fraction of the cost, I'm giving you a chance to plug in virtually from the comfort of your own home so you too get 4 Days of training that will kick down the doors of radical possibilities for you to REDESIGN YOUR LIFE!

Just to mention a few...You'll Be Joining Billion Dollar CEO’s, Wall Street Elites, 7-9 Figure Earners, World-Class Athletes, Peak Performing Entrepreneurs, Global Thought Leaders, And Political Powerhouses...

By joining us Virtually over 4-Days, you’ll unlock access to the time-tested, proven System & Science of The Warrior’s Way that has already changed the lives of 55,000+ committed creators - and NOW it's YOUR turn!

  • Every Impactful Second of the Virtual #WC4 Experience For LIFE!

    $1,997 Value

Listen…We recognize that sometimes life happens, and Murphy's Law can mess with your availability and schedule.

This is why we have your back by giving you FREE lifetime access to the FULL REPLAYS of every single second of this revolutionary virtual event so that even if life throws you an unexpected curveball - you won’t miss a thing.

Now, IF sold post-event, the replays will be sold for a minimum of $500-$1,000; but with none of the other bonuses. PLUS, this replay bonus is very likely to removed and turned into an add-on purchase soon...

But as long as you see this…You’ll get access to the replays as soon we have them ready at no extra charge! (ETA Early January 2023)

  • FREE Unrestricted Access to the WarriorApp Until December 31, 2022

    $297/mo Value

Now it’s one thing to have your mind blown over four (4) jam-packed days as you discover the unlimited potential of your Warrior’s Way…It’s something completely different walking away with the cutting-edge weapons and proprietary tools of Warrior!

Members of Warrior invest $297+ a month to activate the extreme leverage this FULL 'Arsenal of Warrior Weapons' provides…But you’ll have FREE Unrestricted Access to the Entire Suite of Power & Production Tools within the WarriorApp all the way to the end of 2022...And at the end, you'll get multiple choices to keep access to your favourite tools for a small monthly fee...

This way you can fully activate and apply everything you discover during #WarriorCon4 and see for yourself the massive ROI you'll get from leveraging the Weapons Inside the WarriorApp to ramp up your results across your Body, Being, Balance & Business

And ultimately establish unstoppable momentum to take with you into the next year, and beyond!

  • On-Demand Access to the 'ACTIVATE Your POWER' Warrior Challenge

    $1,997 Value

What if you could put yourself ahead of the curve and feel supercharged with even more certainty as you head into #WarriorCon4 ?

This is why we’re giving you INSTANT Lifetime Access to the On-Demand ‘ACTIVATE Your POWER’ Warrior Challenge Experience.

Because this Challenge provides you a hyper-accelerated path to begin experiencing the transformative power of your Warrior’s Way so you can start stacking significant results…

And carry that shocking new momentum right into your LIVE VIRTUAL Experience at #WarriorCon4 October 26-29, 2022 - and more importantly, far into 2023 and beyond!

  • The Digital WarriorBox AUDIO Edition (6 AudioBooks)

    $697 Value

No matter where you go, you will have FULL DIGITAL ACCESS to the entire WarriorBox Audio Edition in the palm of your hand on your smartphone.

These 6 AudioBooks form the foundation of fire, focus, and faith you can return to again and again as you conquer the next summits of your success.

So whether you need a quick refresher on how to max out the methods of The Warrior’s Way…Or a boost to your belief…You’ll be able to listen on the go.

PLUS, just like with your Challenge + #WarriorCon4 Replays above, you'll have access to The WarriorBox AUDIO Edition FOR LIFE!

  • PLUS, ALL Potentially Added Future Bonuses!

    $$$$ Value

Yes, that's right...We have every intention to add in more bonuses as time goes on - and regardless of whether or not the bonuses are time sensitive and/or have natural limited quantities...If you are reading this, YOU will GET IT ALL!

That's a MINIMUM Total Value of$15,582+All Yours TODAY When You...
  • Get Your Personal Ticket To This Life-Altering...

4-Day #WarriorCon4 Virtual Experience For Just $497 TODAY!

  • Your Ticket Increases By $250 In...




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