You Can't Escape Your Life

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Hey, everybody, this is your boy, Garrett J. White, the founder of Wake Up Warrior, and welcome to the new Daily Fuel. Today's topic is this. "I'm Back in My Backyard." Sit back and relax, and welcome to today's Daily Fuel.

In a marketplace driven by fear, the only thing that will allow you to win is fire. My friends, welcome to the Daily Fuel.

Alright my friends, what an amazing seven days, seven full days I spent hanging out in the glorious Cabo San Lucas of Mexico, but today I'm back in my backyard. I'm looking out my backyard at the swell. The swell's been coming in amazing this morning. It's a little wally.

We're about to go out here in just a bit with me and a couple of friends at about 9:00 a.m. on a Sunday, January 3rd. Yes, I'm giving this one to you live. My teams are traveling today, so you might not even get this podcast until tomorrow. And I apologize if that's the case. Either way, I'm sitting here and I'm having this thought and here's the thought. The thought is I love I love where I live. Like I love where I live.

People go on vacation for a lot different reasons, right? Most people go on vacation because you're trying to get away from their life. Like, it's a fact, this is what most most individuals go on vacation to get away from a shitty situation, right? They go away from life and what they've created for themselves and what they've built for themselves in order to get to something better. Right. Which I can understand. Right. It's not like we didn't go to an amazing resort this row in Los Cabos.

It's not like it wasn't fun. It wasn't that we didn't have a blast. We didn't have an excitement. It wasn't, you know, none of that. It was it was amazing. Was a great to have time away? It was. Was it great to have time away with the kids? I was. Was it great to have time with my wife? It was. But it wasn't about escaping. Isn't that interesting. It wasn't about escaping.

There were many, many vacations I've taken to just try to escape, escape the pressure of the business, to escape the pressure of my life, escape the pressure of having to deal with life in its real form.

And so I would. We would go on vacation to escape. And this is what most people do. And I'm sitting here watching this wave come in right now. And this thing is massive. It's going to fall right on this guy's head. Nope. He made it. Big. It's easily six, seven foot this morning. I'm super pumped. After I record these podcasts I'm heading out. So, anyways, um, so they go and they go on these vacations to escape, right, to get away from it.

And I remember spending so much of my life committed to escaping from what my life was right. And the biggest thing I kept escaping from trying to escape from was myself. Right. It was like everything I did was an attempt to escape from a version of me, it was to try to find hope and try to find fire and try to find excitement for my life in someone that was not me. Like that was that was the journey, that was a commitment I wanted to be able to do everything that is not me. I don't want to be committed to anything that is actually me. I want to be committed to everything that is not me.

And so I ran. I escaped. I used my my day to day experience as a way to try to escape me, my anger, my frustration, my irritation. All of these things were born as a conversation because of my own inability to deal with me.

So this is the principle. You'll never be able to outrun yourself, you'll never be able to outrun yourself.

So it doesn't matter like how many, quote unquote vacations you try to go on with yourself, how many different jobs you get, how many different relationships you bounce in and out of, how many different homes that you live in, how many different cities that you move to. It doesn't matter. Like it literally does not matter because you will never be able to escape you. When the alcohol wears off, the marijuana wears off, when life wears off, when when you have to come back home, which most people get super depressed.

It's crazy to watch people on flights coming back from Mexico versus people on flights going to Mexico. It's like going to Vegas. You watch people go on trips to Vegas and they're all stoked, pumped, on fire, heading to Vegas, drinking already. Then the flight home from Vegas looks like a fucking nightmare happened, like it's a train wreck. Everybody got run over. Not exactly excited. Why? Because they get to return back to the jobs they hate, marriages they hate, to the lives that they hate, the life and experience they hate.

Right. And you'll never outrun you. And that's the thing that people hate the most. And that's the thing that people despise the most is the hate of themselves.

So when you step back and you look at, what 2020 was for you, and you look at stepping into 2021, are you looking to find a vacation this year or are you looking to find you? Because here's what my experience has been. If you can be OK with you, if you can fall in love with being with yourself, right, then relationships and life and everything else that happens will work magically in a powerful way for you.

But if you can't find that, if you can't find out for yourself, that's an impossible game for you, you'll continue to be frustrated in 2021 the same way you're frustrated in 2020.

So where in your world, across Body, Being, Balance & Business, do you know, you need to put the most work in to get the most alignment in so that you spend the least amount of time trying to take a vacation on yourself.

My friends, it's not a hard question. It's an important one though, and it's one that will change your life if you can let it. And using the work, and being here part of this experience here inside of Wake Up Warrior, where you got the tools and the abilities to be able to pull that off if you choose it.

My friends, it's all I got for you, I'm outta here, this is Garrett J. White signing off and saying love and light. Good morning, good afternoon and good night,

My friend. You just finished the Daily Fuel. Here's the deal. I ask you a question specific to a story, but the ultimate question I have for you. Are you willing to do the work? In a world filled with fear, every single day you have a decision to learn, to live, and to lead. My friend the Stack, Core 4, the DOOR, and the game. They're your weapons and your shied. Take this fuel, take those weapons and light yourself on fire.

Get to work now.

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