Untold Stories of Wake Up Warrior Revisions & Feedback

If you've reading this, you have not only Courageously Committed to Share Your 'Untold Story of Wake Up Warrior' which requires a powerful demonstration of what it means to LIVE by the CODE at the Highest Level, but your 'Untold Story' has also already been written and sent to you for review giving you a chance to Clarify/Correct Facts and Request any Revisions you may want BEFORE we send it off for Audio Narration to bring it even more to life.

Even if you have no edits to make, please take the time to complete the form below giving us your Invaluable FEEDBACK on the Process itself, as well as the IMPACT this has had on you already so you can take an even bigger part in shaping this project, and empower others to experience this as well.

Thank you yet again for your Courage, Vulnerability and Commitment to support the Mission of Warrior with your involvement in this project. What you have accomplished and shared throughout this is no small thing, and so it's with Great Honor, Respect & Gratitude that we will showcase YOU as a Beacon of the Warrior's Way, and the Transformational Changes & Results the Warrior's Way enables Committed Men & Women to Create.

Your First Step to Complete TODAY! (If you haven't already)


Please take the time to answer the Questions within the Questionnaire thoroughly while Honoring the Warrior CODE of Being Real, Raw, Relevant, and Result-driven. This will provide us the background, insights, and perspectives that are unique to your story and helps us make a sound decision on whether or not to move forward with your story.

Typically Happens within 7 Days of the Questionnaire


If selected for this project, we will conduct a 60-Minute Video Interview with you to go deeper into your personal journey and story. This video interview will naturally be recorded to support the writing process. Outside of this internal usage, the recording of the interview will not be used or featured publicly without your explicit permission.

Estimated 7-14 Days Total Including the Revision Window


After the Interview, Wake Up Warrior will craft a written Story based on your answers to the Questionnaire, as well as the interview. This process will take an estimated 7-10 days, and upon completing the Story you will be given 96 hours (4 Days) to Review the Story, Clarify Facts, and Suggest Revisions* before we move to the next stage.

This will take up to 7 days.


This is where we will not only FINALIZE your personal ‘Untold Wake Up Warrior Story’, but also get your story professionally narrated to bring it even more to life and maximize the purpose-driven impact your story will have on potentially thousands of people. This is why it’s key you request revisions you may want during the 96-hour revision* window.

Date to Be Decided at the Initiation of the Previous Stage


Your Written Story will be published as a Blog Post at the Official Wake Up Warrior Blog, and will also include the Professionally Narrated Audio Version of Your Story. The Audio will also be distributed inside the Warrior Audio Armory App, and may be made available inside a public podcast as well. Naturally, Warrior will promote your story as part of our Marketing Strategy (including but not limited to Email, Social Media, Podcasts, and more) to help build the Wake Up Warrior Movement.**

* You will be given 96 hours to give us any Edits & Revisions you’d like to be made to the Story unless otherwise communicated and promised in writing. In the event of late Revision Requests, we reserve the right to limit any potential revisions to the written version of your story only if the Story has already been narrated and/or the recording process has already begun.

** Outside of our deep gratitude, and the exposure, authority and recognition as a 'Beacon of Warrior' that naturally comes from your courageous & vulnerable contribution within this Project, you will get no compensation in money or anything else of value. This is to protect the Integrity of the Project, and the Movement.

Complete the Revisions & Feedback Form Below TODAY to Help Us Powerfully Move Forward Sharing Your Untold Story with the World!

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      From the very beginning of you completing the Questionnaire, to being Interviewed, waiting for the Writing Process to be complete, and now reading your 'Untold Story'...This process has been an experience that has impacted you in ways most will never comprehend. But HOW specifically has it impacted YOU?
      If no changes are needed, simply state below "No changes needed." Either way, this is your chance to Clarify Facts and Suggest Revisions before we move to the next stage of the Process. (Changes must be requested within 96 hours of the story being sent to you for review unless otherwise stated or promised in writing)
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