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In June of 2019, and for the FIRST and ONLY time ever, I left it ALL on the table. My Frameworks. My Strategies. My Process. My Blueprints. 

Everything needed to MASTER the Art & Science of Influence, Seduction, and Persuasion with Absolute Certainty So You Can Ultimately Dominate Your Marketplace Building a Meaningful, Purposeful, AND Profitable Business – WITHOUT Burning Out!

This was all given away at the $5,000 3-Day Big Money Marketer BOOT CAMP with 165 Elite Businessmen and Women in the room, and even included 6 Weeks of INTENSE Pre-Training where those who didn’t complete the Work was not even permitted into the Room on Day 1 of the Boot Camp. 

WHY? Because for 10 hours straight I personally Hot-Seated the Audience ON the work they had done up until that point, which is the only way Day 2 and Day 3 which focused on IMPLEMENTATION would make sense. So for those who hadn’t done it? They went back to their room to get their shit done.

The culmination of the 6-Weeks of In-Depth Pre-Training, and the 3-Day Intensified ‘Boot Camp’, have since then transformed into the Big Money Marketer MasterClass, but instead of offering to the Public? I locked it away securely for my highest level students. But IF (when) you join the Warrior Shelter TODAY? I will give it all to you for FREE for as long as you choose to remain a member.

Here's Your $5,000 'Fast Action Bonus' at a Glance...

  • Not only will you get access to my Proven Frameworks, you'll also be Guided Step-by-Step Through the Systematic Process of CREATING a Persuasive Message That COMPELS Your People to Stop, Listen, BELIEVE and Take ACTION!

  • Having Compelling Offers and a Powerful Message Means JACK-SHIT if you are not willing to Collide with Your Marketplace, and Take a Stand with Your Message...That's why you'll also learn HOW to Communicate Your Message with Absolute Unwavering CERTAINTY, and How to Tactically Implement My Frameworks & Strategies Into YOUR Business.

  • There's only ONE Outcome with the Big Money Marketer MasterClass, which is for YOU to Become LETHAL at Communicating YOUR Powerfully Persuasive Message so you can Ultimately DOMINATE Your Marketplace – and STOP LIMITING Yourself and the IMPACT of you as a Leader, and the CASH You Produce and BRING HOME!


Your Fast Action Bonus Invitation EXPIRES
at Midnight Pacific Friday May 7, 2021.


Listen to Why the Warrior Shelter Is a MUST for KINGS & QUEENS Just Like Yourself...

here's everything you get


As you’ve experienced first hand, the Wake Up Warrior Challenge is specifically designed for YOU to 4x Your Power and Help You ELEVATE Your Commitment to the EXPANSION of YOU! 

As a Member of the Warrior Shelter? You are invited to re-take it for FREE any time you need to Level Up Your Game from whatever level you are at at the moment.

Next, you have the 4 Summits of the Warrior’s Journey. This systematically guides you through the 5 Protocols of the Warrior’s Way inside of Summit #1 & Summit #2, with the Purpose of Elevating Your Understanding and Commitment to LIVING the Warrior’s Way at a Result ACCELERATING Level. 

Inside Summit #3, it’s time to Awaken Your SOUL Purpose to open up the opportunity of Experiencing True PROSPERITY Across the Core4.

Finally, Inside Summit #4 you will learn how to LEVERAGE the Warrior’s Way to Ultimately PRODUCE More Profits Inside of Business. You’ll not only learn how to Create Wealth for Yourself, but also how to Build & Secure Your Legacy.

Note: the Map Above Shows Summit 3 and Summit 4 out of order.

When you become a member of the Warrior Shelter, not only will you gain access to the complete Warrior’s Journey above… You’ll also gain access to a Group and a Process specifically dedicated to help you CLIMB the 4 Summits Even FASTER!

Not alone, but WITH Kings & Queens such as yourself who are equally committed to the CREATION of Expansive Growth.

This will work very similar to the WUW Challenge, yet with a more flexible rhythm and customisable approach that allow you to not only Maintain the Momentum you’ve established, but also transform that Momentum Into Speedy, Yet SUSTAINABLE Growth.

here's HOW IT WORKS...

At no point will anyone save you, or do the work for you. 


Step-by-Step, you will be Led, and Inspired. 

Inch-by-Inch, you will be Guided, and Encouraged. 

Benchmark-by-Benchmark, you will be held Accountable, and Supported.

And this will also continue throughout ALL of Summit #3 where you get to Awaken Your Soul Purpose empowering you to Experience REAL Prosperity Across the Core4…

…and so you can Ultimately Powerfully Face the Challenges that comes with BEING a King or Queen of a Rapidly Growing Kingdom, and then arm yourself with the Warrior Wealth Strategies in Summit #4 designed to help you Build & Secure Your Legacy. 


We were not kidding when we declared this is not a Fucking ‘Weekend’ Opportunity. 

The Warrior’s Way Is a Journey of LIVING Life at the Highest Level.

Every. Single. (TO)Day. 

Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. But TODAY, now.

Simply Put, 

There is NO WHERE else you can get THIS Level of Real, Raw & Relevant Connections, Support and Training that helps you Create Life-Altering Breakthroughs inside ALL areas of your life.

Let's Recap the Privileges You Get When You Join the Warrior SHELTER Membership...





That's Just $166.42 Per Month Paid Annually,
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