Your WUWC Graduation Movie

the Wake Up Warrior Challenge

Graduation Protocol MOVIE

It’s time to bring it all together and 🚀 Powerfully LAUNCH Yourself Into the New Trajectory you’ve created going through this Experience.


🙏 A Trajectory that is FILLED with ‘Limitless’ Possibilities, Power, Profits, and Purpose In Your Marriage, Business & Life.


So don’t take this lightly, and attack it with Urgency.


Permit yourself to Refuse to settle for anything less.


For Your Family.


For Your Business.


For Your Fucking Self.


✅ Step #1: Watch the “WUW Challenge Graduation Protocol” Movie Below From Beginning to End.


✅ Step #2: Mark This Page COMPLETE so you can Go Get Your WUW Challenge Certificate of Completion by Submitting the Four (4) Powerful Discover Stacks that you did during the 4 Evolutions of General's Tent #3:

  1. Your 'Rock Ruck' Evolution Discover Stack
  2. Your 'Summit Strike' Evolution Discover Stack
  3. Your 'Peak Perspective' Evolution Discover Stack
  4. Your 'Beach Baptism' Evolution Discover Stack

✅ Step #3: Make a Powerful Contribution inside Your WUW Challenge Group by...

  1. Sharing a Picture of Your Certification
  2. Going  🔴 LIVE For TWO (2) Minutes Sharing WHY Completing This Entire Challenge have mattered to you in ways you previously could have never comprehended.

✅ Step #4: Accept Your Invitation to Accelerate Your Ascension.


Not alone, but WITH us.


TOGETHER with Warriors such as yourself who have not only EMBRACED the Code, but who also Attack with the Stack, and LIVE the HAVE IT ALL Lifestyle of the Warrior’s Way.


I’m stoked for you and what awaits you.


Now let’s fucking ROLL!



Garrett J. White


Access Your WUWC Facebook Group Here:

✅ Your Warrior Shelter Invitation Details Will Be Revealed to You Inside the Third & Final Step of Your Graduation Protocol After You've Grabbed Your WUW Challenge Certification of Accomplishment Inside Step #2... Simply Click the 'Mark Complete' Button Below to Continue.

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