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From the Desk of Garrett J. White

The World Is In Chaos...

…and you’re standing right in the middle of it every damn day.

It seems that everything around you has a single mission.

To rip you to shreds.

To annihilate your dreams.

To deny you every opportunity so you can’t rise as a man of power.

Every morning you wake up with the same blazing frustration…

“How the hell did all this shit get stacked against me?!”

Yet somehow, someway…You find the courage to go on.

Again and again.

You still believe in your ability to create the life that’s been calling to you for decades…


But you keep coming up short.

And the only consistent thing you come to know is this…PAIN!

I should know.

Because It’s the Hell I Stumbled Through With a Broken Soul for Years.

Years where I felt condemned to a life of misery.

Where every sacrifice I made never had a real (lasting) payoff.

A life that was fucking empty.

I had to find a way out of my pit.

But there wasn’t anything out there to guide a man to reclaim his capacity for power so that he might rise up and finally BE THE MAN.

For him to know what it’s like to LIVE AS A WARRIOR KING!

So I went on a quest…And it took me 10 years to create the science, system and tools that will transform a man like you into a living, breathing weapon of limitless expansion and abundance.

It’s called The Warrior’s Way.

And today is the day you can begin your own quest brother…

So keep reading…

Imagine If You Had It All?

The shocking fact is that you probably can’t.

Because everything that you’ve been taught since the very beginning is that in order to achieve life-changing success in one area…

Everything else must be sacrificed.

That is the twisted game we’ve all been taught, trained & educated to play as men.

A game where even when you win “BIG”…

You STILL fucking lose BIGGER!

But what if you could alter the way you play the game brother?

Imagine rising from your bed every morning with the unshakeable certainty that every area of your life is limitless in its abundance.

Where your Body, Being, Balance AND Business…

...Are All Ablaze With a Fire of Prosperity That DAILY Leaves You Both Humbled & Ready to Lead Your Family, Teams & Clients with Absolute Certainty.

To stand in front of any mirror and see your body as a weapon.

Where your presence causes men who’ve accepted their “dad bods” as the status quo to feel the crushing weight of shame and moves them to take inspired action.

A body that constantly has your wife, your queen, feeling magnetically pulled to you.

Where she doesn’t simply want you…She craves you!

And what about your spirituality?

Can you even remember the last time you felt connected to a higher power, a creative source outside of yourself?

Now imagine walking through your days with the most profound sense of connection to something so much bigger than you.

So that you’re able to lean on a source of power that relieves the burden of you feeling as if you’re all alone!

How far could you rise if this was your new reality brother?

Now give yourself a moment to visualize your family as they yearn for your presence, your leadership, your laughter…


Where Your Wife and Kids No Longer Feel Like a Burden You Can’t Carry...And Instead Are the BEACONS That Draw You HOME!

To a home that is overflowing with a Light that never ends.

Finally, you give yourself permission to sit in silence and reflect on what the standards inside your business have become.

Standards that would’ve seemed unreachable in the recent past.

But now your money game has become an unstoppable flow of prosperity.

You are fucking elite as a producer.

Where Your Business Provides Stacks of Cash Flow, Protection and Long-Term Wealth Building That Will Carry On Within Your Family For Generations.

This is what having it all can look and feel like brother.

It’s no damn pipe dream.

This isn’t fantasy bullshit.

These are the undeniable results that come to men who (truly) commit themselves to the System and Science that is the Warrior’s Way.

Do the Work Inside Your Warrior Shield JOURNEY, and You WILL Inevitably Reap the Harvest.

Are you ready to begin planting the seeds of your limitless abundance?

Still racking your brain on how this all works brother?

Then keep reading as I break down your entire Journey so you can get a glimpse of the personal transformation that awaits you inside…

Milestone #4: Access 'Unlimited' PROFITS By Completing the Climb of Warrior Summit #4

Creating The Money Game That Lasts

The FINAL Summit; The one most men coming to Warrior desire to complete the most, and/or think they need the most before anything else.

Where he plants his flag and roars to the sky above that he is a master of the money game.

That he owns his kingdom.

That he is a man who has Mastered the Art & Science of Warrior Wealth.

So why in the hell is this the final summit?

Why are you required to complete 3 others before you ever embark on this final ascent to expand your Wealth in every form?

Ever hear of a tiny little mountain called Mt. Everest?

Well, you don’t simply enjoy a leisurely hike of its 29,032 feet all in one shot.

There are Stages to the Climb.

And if you don’t follow the proven method of conquering Mt. Everest, which has been developed by numerous wise sherpas and successful adventurers of the past…

...You Can Quickly Find Yourself Tumbling Down the Mountain's Ragged Edge, Ripping Your Dreams, Life, Marriage & Business...ALL OF Pieces.

It is the same in your quest to conquer Summit #4: Warrior Wealth.

For this is your Everest.

And it is a journey that cannot be taken lightly.

So be advised we must first PREPARE you for the climb that awaits you inside this Summit before you fly into it blindly…Yet here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Money Secrets: This is where it all begins brother…Peeling back the layers of your beliefs and perspectives around Money.

Because if you are ever going to rise as a Warrior King who lives in constant prosperity, we must break the bonds of every limiting belief, myth, or bullshit idea you carry about Money.

  • Offer Secrets: Now in order for you to create your Kingdom of Warrior Wealth, you must gain mastery over creating offers that drive your business and generate consistent profits.

You will be equipped with tactical methods proven to help you not only charge more, but also empower more to say “YES!” without hesitating or second-guessing themselves (or you).

When you implement the tactics that you’ll discover here, you will ultimately be equipped to profitably outspend your competition (for good) so you can finally dominate your marketplace, attract better talents, and open up bigger opportunities & possibilities for your business, and yourself.

  • Seduction Secrets: This is where your entire money game as a business owner and marketer will change in ways that will radically transform how you communicate and convert inside of your messaging.

For inside Seduction Secrets, you will discover the proven method of guiding your cold prospect from not knowing who the fuck you are…

To where they are virtually begging to buy what you have to offer.

  • Copy Secrets: Inside of this crucial section, you’ll be taken on a fast track journey to cracking the code of how to write killer sales copy from Russell Brunson’s go-to guy, Jim Edwards.

You will discover the streamlined methods that allow you to write copy that magnetically attracts your ideal prospect, converts them to a raving fan and transforms them into a lifetime buyer.

  • Expert Secrets: Imagine how much your business could change if you were seen as the “Go-to Expert” in your segment of the marketplace?

Inside of Expert Secrets, Russell Brunson gives you access to his game changing approach to establishing your expert status, power posture and next level positioning so you can dominate your niche.

  • Funnel Secrets: Quickly discover the crucial “nuts and bolts” of how to create the structure of your own on-demand digital sales funnel and unlock massive leverage inside of your business.

Once again, Russell Brunson is back with Garrett to guide you, educate you on every style of funnel so you know the exact style that will stack leads and profits on auto-pilot.

  • Strategic Selling: This is where the rubber meets the road brother…Your ability to master the art of selling in all its vital stages.

As you dive into this section, you will learn the art of the close, conversational selling, and how to connect with your prospect so that they don’t feel as if they’re being sold…They are being served.

  • Traffic Secrets: No matter how much you have mastered the game changing curriculum above inside of Summit #4…

It all means nothing without your ability to send people to your offers and funnels with daily consistency. Without a reliable source of leads aka traffic, your business dies on the vine.

That’s why, inside Traffic Secrets, you’ll discover the best methods to drive the most eyeballs to your business so you can focus on closing, not chasing.

Now...Do You See Yet Why Warrior Wealth Is the Final Summit of the Shield Journey?

Because lets face it…

It’s crucial you understand that the elite level knowledge you will gain access to in Summit #4 is backed by an extreme commitment to you IMPLEMENTING and INTEGRATING what you learn…


Because you didn’t come here looking for a study group or circle jerk session of endless, empty conversations; or to simply seek ‘knowledge’ to feed the Graveyard of Never-Acted-Upon-Ideas.

You are here to MASTER the Game of Warrior Wealth so that you can stop playing so fucking small and start Creating King Shit!

That is why you must allow yourself the time to break down and rebuild yourself into the man who is ready to enter the game fully armed and ready!

Because Wealth & Business can not realistically be created in ways that will LAST and stand the test of time unless you have accessed your X-FACTOR & Soul Purpose, FIRST!

This requires you to dive deep into the very core of who you really are…

And to also remind yourself of who the fuck you’ve always been called to be brother!

For your soul purpose is the engine that drives your profits in a way that fills your cup until it’s overflowing.

But without achieving clarity and defining your X-FACTOR and Soul PURPOSE…

Your pursuit of Warrior Wealth will always fall short.

And You Will Have No Fucking Way to Quench Your Eternal Thirst for More.

This is why, before you revel in your achievement of conquering Summit #4: Warrior Wealth…

You must first Unlock Your Calling Within inside of your transformational experiences that awaits you inside of Summit #3: Soul Purpose.

Keep reading to learn more, or tap the button below if you’re ready to get started NOW!

Milestone #3: Access 'Unlimited' PURPOSE By Completing the Climb of Warrior Summit #3

Unlock Your Calling Within To Rise Into Wealth

Over my 10 years of guiding 53,000+ men through the Journey of the Warrior KING, there was one groundbreaking shift that changed the entire game.

And it was something that cracked the seal and unleashed a divine fuel source that allowed men to stay on the road to prosperity.

That “something” is your Soul Purpose.

A calling that whispers to you at 3 a.m.

A calling that doesn’t require you to push yourself to greatness…

But rather for you to surrender and let it pull you forward.

And while almost every man who gets to this point along the Warrior’s Journey will doubt the extreme importance of finding your Soul Purpose…?

By the end of Summit #3, they come to the realization that without your Soul Purpose intact, all your attempts at Warrior Wealth will FAIL; or at best be severely limited.

The only way to the peak of Summit #4, to bask in the glory of your Warrior Wealth, is through gaining access to your calling, FIRST!

For when you tap into the crystal clear awareness of your Soul Purpose…?

You find yourself driven by what God placed inside of you.

A divine fire that is eternal.

There is no other way.

Believe me, I tried for years…

And It Almost Cost Me Fucking Everything.

And if you don’t trust and surrender to the immersive discovery process inside of Summit #3…It could cost you everything too.

For without the extreme leverage of knowing your Soul Purpose…?

You will find yourself living a hollow existence.

A mere shadow of the life of true expansion you deserve.

This is exactly why the empowering curriculum you’ll find inside of Summit #3 is an absolute requirement for your Eternal Expansion.

  • Experience Warrior Meditation: As you kick off Summit #3, you will be guided through Four (4) Powerful Meditations: Warrior Ascension, Dark Warrior, Light Warrior, and Creator Meditation

Each of them builds upon the impact of the last, eventually leading you to a transformational experience that completely redefines you as a man, a creator, and a Warrior King on the rise!

  • Own Your GIFTS: You have talents, skills, and abilities that were given by God to you and no other soul on this earth…They are specific to YOU.

This is exactly why you must learn how to OWN Your GIFTS and unleash the divinity that defines you…So that you can own your niche in the marketplace and tap into soul purpose-driven profits.

  • Stand In Your VALUES: If you don’t master the ability to stand in your VALUES…Everything you attempt to build as a Warrior King will fall.

This is exactly why we spend dedicated time pushing you to define the core VALUES that make up who the fuck you choose to be in this world.

For without your VALUES…

There can be no ultimate victory.

  • Live Out Your ROLES: Every day you play a variety of ROLES in your life: Business owner, father, husband, friend. But it goes much deeper.

There are ROLES that you have been called to play that empower you to operate being completely in alignment with your innate Roles, Identity and Calling; of being a Creator, Connector, Leader, Visionary, Healer, Guide, or Mentor and the list goes on.

Through the discovery of YOUR Specific, Desirable, and Defining Roles, you discover how you can create your greatest impact on this world.

  • Discover Your RULES: As you dive into this part of Summit #3, you will be shocked to see how many rules you live by daily.

And while some of your existing RULES serve you well, others prevent you from embracing a new way of creating your life of prosperity.

That is why it is essential to also Discover the RULES that empower your expansion and cut away those that limit your capacity for power.

  • Create Your Soul Purpose BLUEPRINT: As we approach the end of Summit #3, you will create a Soul Purpose Blueprint that liberates you to enter a daily game of elite production.

Because once you are fueled by your soul purpose blueprint, you’re ultimately transforming yourself into an unstoppable creator who is able to stack wealth for yourself & your family!

  • Identify Your X-FACTOR: This is where you will unlock that one thing that gives you an undeniable advantage over your competition.

When you find “IT”…You find your secret weapon as a CREATOR.

Unlock and access your X-FACTOR by systematically identifying & owning your greatness instead of hiding from it all.

But before you can even step foot inside of Summit #3: Soul Purpose…?

You Must Be Certain You Are Factually Liberated and FREE of the Shackles of Scarcity.

Because Soul Purpose is nothing but a fucking pipe-dream UNLESS you’re already in a place of Abundance.

Because if you’re in Scarcity in ANY area of your life…?

Your very existence is consumed by a single purpose…Get out of fucking scarcity!

The empowering path you will take inside of Summits #1 and #2 will provide you with the means to obliterate scarcity forever…

And allow you to live in abundance, ready to embrace Soul Purpose.

Milestone #2: Access 'Unlimited' PRODUCTION by Completing the Climb of Warrior Summit #1-2

Master The Art Of Self-Leadership

So again,

Before you can discover your Soul Purpose…?

Before you can conquer the peak of Warrior Wealth…?

You first must establish that you can lead yourself from a place of power with consistency and intensity daily inside of your Warrior’s Way.

And while your fast track experience within the Wake Up Warrior Challenge (that I’ll share about in a second) exposes you to everything your Warrior’s Way can be…

Inside of Summits #1 and #2, you quickly find out if you can execute with a relentless dedication to leading yourself from what you live.

For it’s one thing to run through a short-term gauntlet like The Challenge.

It’s something else entirely when you’re staring downrange attempting to hit your targets daily powered by the Shockingly Simple Yet Profoundly Powerful Protocols of the Warrior’s Way.

Suddenly Shit Gets Real.

Throughout the first and second summits, you’ll learn to not only master the 5 protocols of the Warrior’s Way…

But also how to DYNAMICALLY INTEGRATE it into your life for long-term results while Eradicating Scarcity, and Establishing a Rock-solid Foundation of Abundance.

  • Protocol #1, The CODE: Discover the foundational principle required for you to release every ounce of your limiting bullshit and own the truth as a weapon for your expansion.

Without your mastery of The CODE, you will lack the foundation of fire that will keep helping you burn down every obstacle that comes your way.

  • Protocol #2, The STACK: Inside the high-impact process of The Stack, you will gain access to a deep sense of clarity and cleansing that unleashes your ability to elevate your entire life.

Through leveraging the power of The STACK, you’re able to (on-demand) perform your own “self-autopsy” and cut out the cancers of the mind that imprison you, and set yourself free…Repeatedly.

  • Protocol #3, The CORE: This is where you will establish daily rituals that provide you the energy & power you require to consistently smash your targets backed by a relentless intensity.

The CORE is what Shields you from the outside circumstances that attempt to rob you of your personal power and keeps you equipped and ready for your daily climb to elite achievement.

  • Protocol #4, The DOOR: Once you access the Production Acceleration & Tracking Tool that is The DOOR, your ability to effectively & powerfully execute your critical, needle-moving tasks in your business will skyrocket.

No longer will you waste hours of your precious and highly valuable time wondering what to do next…

You’ll possess the crystal clear focus that keeps you on track even when chaos surrounds you.

  • Protocol #5, The GAME: This is where you set the stage for everything you really desire by getting real and raw about where you want your life to be in the next 12 to 18 months.

The GAME Protocol arms you with Quarterly, Monthly and Weekly Tactical Strategies you can leverage to effectively create, manage, track & measure your targets so you never lose sight of your overall mission of having it all…

And provides you the chance to PIVOT Back Into Power if you fall off track before it’s too late…


  • The FACT MAP Mastermind: A 3-Day Virtual Mastermind Experience that provides you sniper-like precision in executing upon your short and long-term targets.

Once you have completed this mastermind, you’ll access the liberating power of owning the facts of where you are today…

Systematically create your game plans for the next 90 days and 1 year from now…

And unlock an unstoppable momentum that sets you on a course to undeniable, life-transforming results in your body, spirit, marriage, and business!


Through your deeper education and execution of the Weapons of your Warrior’s Way…

You will access a new standard of what you consider as power in your life.

Which is the whole fucking point of you living out your Warrior’s Way inside of Summits #1 and #2.

Because you must Master the Art of Self-Leadership so that you have the capacity to go all-in and equip yourself for what is required of you moving forward.

For Without an Unshakeable Foundation Based Upon Your Daily Walk Inside the Warrior's Way…?

You can find yourself running out of oxygen long before you ever reach the dizzying heights of expansion inside the Summits of Soul Purpose and Warrior Wealth.

The only way for you to conquer the highest peaks ahead of you…

Is through your ability to consistently smash the smaller hills you’ll face at the base of the mountain.

There are no shortcuts…

There are no hacks…

There is the fucking work.

Do You Feel Ready for the Climb?

Milestone #1: Access 'Unlimited' POWER with the Wake Up Warrior Challenge

Awaken Your Warrior KING And Rise!

Finally we’ve arrived at the beginning of your Journey…

The one-of-a-kind reality shattering experience that will open your eyes to a divine power inside of you that you’ve been blind to for decades.

Every Warrior King who conquered the transformational game of Warrior Wealth and stood at the top of Summit #4 began their path right here…

The Wake Up Warrior Challenge.

So this is where it all begins brother.

The Challenge.

It’s your gateway to discover that you’ve been sleeping on your true potential as a Creator…

A Warrior King.

The Wake Up Warrior Challenge is your Fast-Track to effectively leverage the most powerful weapons of the Warrior’s Way.


These terms may not mean jack squat to you right now brother.

But by the end of your Challenge experience…

They will become part of your soul.

They will help you completely redefine your identity as a man.

In just over 30 days, you will find yourself completely transformed.

I Fucking Guarantee Tt.

Because what we’ve refined inside of the process of The Wake Up Warrior Challenge is the most streamlined approach to Awakening, Unlocking, and Unleashing the Warrior King Within YOU.

Each day you will be educated, challenged, and liberated.

For within each day’s Immersive Teachings, Tactical Missions, and Powerful Evolutions, you will push yourself to the edge of your limits, and beyond.

And each day will compound upon the next…

As you DAILY stack up WIN after WIN.


This Challenge Isn’t Some Lame Ass, Lollipop, Fluffy Rah-Rah, Make You Feel Good Bullshit.

If that’s what you want…?

Then get the fuck off this page now.

I have zero time for those who aren’t ready to get down in the mud…

To grind it out and face the shit that’s holding them back.

So that they can awaken themselves to the power they’ve been hiding in the shadows…

To finally embrace The Light!

But in order for you to access that light of expansion…

You must be willing to go face to face with your darkness.

It’s the Only Way to Set Yourself Free.

I should know because I’ve been walking this path of Awakening & Ascension for 10 years…

And the fundamental principles never change.

They never will.

The Wake Up Warrior Challenge is your new beginning…As well as The End.

The End of who you’ve been in the past.

The End of your doubt.

The End of you settling for a life that keeps you hidden from everything that you’ve been called to Become and CREATE brother.

Your Business…

Your Family…

Your Children…

Your Teams…

Your Clients…

Your Community…

And the Whole Damn World Needs You to Commit Yourself Right Now to Embrace & Live By Four (4) Simple Yet Profoundly Powerful Principles...


  • Stop Fucking Lying: If you can’t accept this as the driving principle of your life moving forward, everything you’ve ever wanted will die.

Because with every lie you accept, you deny the facts that can lead to your liberation and resurrection as a Warrior King.


You unlock the supreme power of The Truth.

And The Truth will transform you brother.

  • Do More: This is pretty damn simple…GET SHIT DONE DAILY!

Because the road to game-changing results is paved with the work you do inside this Journey…

Starting with your first milestone; the Wake Up Warrior Challenge

Where your actions, your discipline, and your relentless commitment to hitting your targets consistently are what will drive your expansion and free you from doubt, worry and fear…

While also establishing an unstoppable momentum that will help pull you up the Summits ahead.

  • Be More: Once you are doing more, you open the gates to you BECOMING MORE.

For with every elite achievement, an obstacle overcome and compounded win…

You are unlocking more of who the fuck you really are, and what you are capable of creating.

You become a man who leads from the front, embraces the challenge of having it all, and lives from his soul purpose…A Warrior King.

  • Suck Less: At the end of every day, just do your best to suck a little bit less…Even just 1%.

Because no matter how intense your commitment to pushing your limits of expansion become…Every day there is somewhere you will suck ass.

No worries brother…it happens to all of us.

But instead of condemning yourself as some ineffective asshole…?

Use that temporary failure to fuel yourself to get better inside of that suck.

Embrace the suck and keep rising higher.

Step by step, you can transform your entire fucking life…

And the Wake Up Warrior Challenge can make it all happen for you by how it will unlock a version of you who has the Courage, the Will, the Fire, the Determination, the Certainty, and the Vision required to Powerfully Lead himself up the 4 Summits of the Warrior Kings Journey.

This is your moment of decision.

The only question that remains is this…


Here's How Your Journey in Warrior Shield Works


Your journey begins with a straightforward text-based Application Experience for pre-qualification purposes…

But more importantly, this is an eye-opening experience in and of itself with how it’s an opportunity for you to let this process expose what needs to be exposed and illuminated to you…

…so that with your increase your awareness, you can ultimately Make a BOLD, Strong Commitment to finally make the Pivots & Shifts you know you must make to get what you want, and ultimately Transform Your Business, Marriage & Life.

Next, if you qualify, you will be connected with one of my Warrior Facilitators through a 60-Minute Intense Zoom Video Call to 1) Ensure you’re a good fit, and 2) Solidify your personal path going forward inside the Warrior Shield Brotherhood Experience.

Because this program is not for everyone, and we are obsessive about the integrity of the program with how this helps us protect YOUR experience inside…

Phase #2: ACCESS

Now once you’ve been accepted AND you’ve locked in your seat with your investment…

The next phase is broken down into Two Simple Pieces…

  1. You will be given instant access to the complete Wake Up Warrior App Suite so you’ll have on-demand access from within the palm of your hands to all the cutting-edge tools of Warrior that you will be leveraging to weaponize yourself.
  2. You will also be given access to The Armory. This is where you will find all of the critical training you will need to complete as you move through the various Summits on your Warrior Kings Journey, Starting with the Wake Up Warrior Challenge.


Before you gain exclusive access to the ELITE Warrior Shield Brotherhood Network of High-Achievers, the Weekly LIVE Shield Trainings Directly with Garrett, and the Virtual Event Experiences that you get included designed to Accelerate Your Progress throughout the Entire Journey…?

Your first requirement is to Graduate From the Wake Up Warrior Challenge.

This is non-negotiable for all who enter this Brotherhood.

During this Phase, The Challenge will be your only focus as you immerse yourself in this fast-track experience designed to effectively teach you the Fundamentals of the Warrior’s Way.

Plus, you will also be learning & leveraging some of the most Advanced Tactical Strategies with the most powerful Warrior Weapon that you’ll have at your disposal.

AND throughout the Challenge?

You’ll not only create unstoppable momentum for the 4 Summit Climb ahead, but you’ll also create game-changing results in just the short 30-42 days it’ll take you to get across it’s finish line.


As soon as you’ve have graduated from your Wake Up Warrior Challenge, you will be granted full access to ALL of Your Warrior Shield Brotherhood Privileges.

Your Primary Focus? Getting back into the Armory so you can climb your way up Summits 1 & 2 so that you can not only master the art of self-leadership (and the Warrior’s Way) at the highest level but also ultimately prepare yourself for the Intense & Immersive Conversations of Soul Purpose & Warrior Wealth.

You will also be connected with your fellow Brothers inside the Warrior Shield Brotherhood Network so you can develop empowering connections & associations, and gain invaluable accountability.


Each week you will have the opportunity to be mentored directly by Garrett inside the group Shield Call…

Accessing the type of next-level guidance that will explode your business and wealth game.


You’ll experience your first Fact Map Mastermind where you gain a deep, profound sense of clarity around who and where you are now, what you desire, what’s standing in the way, and who you are choosing to become next in your journey as a King.


At this phase of the game, you are equipped to elevate yourself to the next level of your expansion and tap into your Soul Purpose.

Inside of this identity-shifting curriculum, you will discover how to stop hiding from all the unique gifts that unlock the door to your greatness.

And while the training modules inside your Armory regarding your Soul Purpose are revolutionary…

Your ability to completely redefine yourself is unlocked inside the transformational results you’ll gain when you attend the Virtual Soul Purpose Intensive Experience; An event that is gifted to you as a Shield member.


And now you arrive at the final summit inside your Warrior’s Journey…

Summit #4: Warrior Wealth.

Within the bleeding edge training you’ll find inside Summit #4, you’ll quickly discover that your money game will never be the same.

Every vital aspect of how you can rise and thrive as a business owner, entrepreneur, and creator is covered in excruciatingly raw detail.

You’ll shatter old limiting money beliefs, master your marketing and selling skills, learn how to create high converting offers as well as how to build vaults to protect and build your generational wealth.


As an Elite Shield Brotherhood Member, you will also be given access to the mind-bending, 3-day virtual event known as Warrior Wealth Bootcamp.

If You Get Accepted...Here's Everything You Get When You Join the Warrior Shield Brotherhood...

  • The Wake Up Warrior Challenge, where you will Awaken & Activate the Warrior KING Within.

  • The Warrior's Way Journey (Basecamp #1 - Summit #2). This is where you will Accelerate the KING By Mastering & Integrating the 5 Protocols Warrior's Way into your life.

  • The Warrior KING Journey, where you will Build Your 'Limitless' Kingdom through completing the Immersive and Tactically In-Depth Summits of Soul Purpose (Summit #3) & Warrior Wealth (Summit #4)

The Warrior MAPS above, which you are getting LIFETIME Access to, is what you will leverage to Powerfully and Effectively Earn the FOUR (4) Milestones & Certifications within your Personal Journey inside Warrior.

*Milestone #1: Complete the Wake Up Warrior Challenge
Milestone #2: Complete the Warrior's Way Journey (Basecamp 1, Summit #1, Summit #2)
Milestone #3: Complete Summit #3: SOUL PURPOSE
Milestone #4: Complete Summit #4: WARRIOR WEALTH

*Completing Milestone #1 is required to gain access to the Warrior Shield BROTHERHOOD Perks below.


Your access to the Warrior Weapons (Power Tools) are granted to you for a full year starting effective immediately, but do not let this be a distraction from your Four (4) Milestones where you will be tactically trained to leverage and integrate them into your life step-by-step.

Each Weapon has a Browser Version, and a Mobile App available in both iTunes and the Google Play Store. Coming soon (December 2021), is a Singular App that brings it all together into ONE Seamless App Experience.

  • the 'Attack with the Stack' Power Tool 

  • the 'Warrior Core 4' App

  • the 'Winning Impossible Games' App

  • the 'The Door: Seek, Knock, Ask' App

  • the 'Warrior AUDIO Armory' App

  • the 'Warrior CHAT' App


Upon completing Milestone #1: The Wake Up Warrior Challenge, you will be given access to the Warrior Shield Brotherhood Privileges below.

This is to ensure you will extract maximum value from it all through speaking the Language and having fully embraced the Three (3) Cornerstone Conversations of Warrior: The CODE, The STACK and the CORE which is exactly the 3 Warrior's Way Protocols that the WUW Challenge tactically train you in.

Plus, it also Protects Both the Integrity and FOCUS of the Shield Brotherhood through how it ensures the Conversations inside both the Network and the Weekly LIVE Trainings is equipped to be of the highest level.

  • The Warrior SHIELD Brotherhood Private Network

  • The Warrior Shield LIVE Weekly Training with Garrett J. White

  • The Weekly General's Tent with Garrett J. White


As a Member of the Warrior Shield, you can sign up for FREE to all the below Events inside of the next 12 months.

  • FREE Tickets to VIRTUAL Fact Map Masterminds

  • FREE Tickets to VIRTUAL Soul Purpose Intensives

  • FREE Tickets to VIRTUAL Warrior Wealth Bootcamps

The Fact Map Mastermind helps you play the Challenge-based Lifestyle of Warrior at the highest level, and are hosted on a Monthly Basis (it's recommended to attend 1 a quarter).

The Soul Purpose Intensive and Warrior Wealth Bootcamp typically occur once a Quarter, and is designed to not only Collapse Time by speeding up the Progress of completing the relevant Milestones & Summits, but also ensure you do not settle for less by challenging you inside the events to Elevate Your Game.

  • the Complete WarriorBox Shipped to Your Door for FREE

  • Lifetime Access to the WarriorBox AUDIO Edition

  • Lifetime Access to the Big Money Marketer MasterClass

  • 10 FREE "Family / Team" Licenses to the Stack + Core4 App (managed by you) for the life of your Warrior Shield Brotherhood Involvement.

    Coming Mid Dec 2021
  • Lifetime Access to the 'WARRIOR VAULT' Suite of 'Legacy' Warrior Trainings, which includes FIVE (5) Warrior's Way Video Courses, THREE (3) In-depth Challenges (BE THE MAN, Attack with the Stack, and the Warrior Core4 Lifestyle), and so much more.

    Coming Mid Dec 2021
What Is the Value of What You Get?
  • The Warrior Maps

  • The Warrior Weapons

  • The Shield Brotherhood

  • The Warrior Events

  • The Shield Bonuses


Total Annualized Value: $50,611

Shield Tuition: $10,000

Payment Plans Are Available

Are You Somehow Still Skeptical?

Watch Case Studies From Businessmen Just Like You Who Are Actively Using the Warrior's Way to Predictably Access POWER; and More Importantly, FOCUS That Power to CREATE 'Unlimited' Profits.

“I 10X'D My Business, and My Connection with My Wife & Daughters Is Off the Charts...”

Russ Perry created a life most will never experience, and shows you what's inarguably possible with the Warrior's Way. He has grown his business from 6-figures a year to $1M a Month; while Igniting His Marriage and parenting life with Purpose, Love, Intimacy & Connection.

“How Am I Gonna Raise a Man When I'm Not Even One? What Am I Gonna Do?”

Growing his business from $300k/yr to $3.5M, and on the fast-track to $7M, Nick faced the 'Trifecta of Insanity' it is to be a Husband, a Father, and a Businessman. Dying On the Inside, He Was Ready to Burn It All to the Ground. This film shows how he found his fight again, and his truth.

“What I Thought I Wanted... I Was There. But I Felt Empty, Lost & Miserable.”

Scared to Even Believe 'HAVING IT ALL' could be true for him; and become a reality for him, Cullen Made Warrior His Priority. What he found was Answers; Purpose; a Divine Desire to Create; and the life he ultimately wanted for himself, his wife, and his family.

“I Had No Power As a Man Anymore to Do What I Knew I Was Able to Do...”

With a 13+ year long friendship & mentorship blowing up, losing a 6-figure business deal, and a son struggling with addiction, Michael found himself Lost & Powerless. Warrior helped him Unlock His Power & Purpose As a Businessman and a Leader, Re-Ignite His Marriage, and Unify His Family.

“My Wife Hated Me, My Daughters Hated Me... I Was Blind to What I Had.”

The Stakes Were HIGH for Jim, and he didn't even know it. He's a true example of how a man who (unknowingly) was living a one-dimensional life; and as a Result Almost Lost His Two Daughters, His Wife, His Business, and Even His Own Life. Grab a tissue for this one.

“I Knew I Was On the Path of Losing My Business & Marriage...”

Shahn came to Warrior knowing if he stayed his current course, He'd Lose Everything He Had Built. Warrior gave him business tools to Explode His Business while Sequentially Healing and Turning Up the Volume in his marriage and kids' life. Shahn is a beacon.

“I Was Afraid She Couldn't Handle Me.”

Successful Gym owner and businessman Jesse came to Warrior looking for Deeper Fire, Purpose & Connection in his life, and with his family. What him and his wife Katy found was a New Bond that helped them Double Their Business & Double Their Intimacy at the same time.

“Changed the Legacy of My Bloodline.”

AZ and His wife were about to burn it all: Their business, their marriage; the lives they had built together. On the Verge of Losing It All, they used Warrior to double down on their marriage, and their business... In this film, they share how they Unified & Created an Empire, Together.

“I Had Built, Lost and Built Again. I Wanted Guarantees This Time...”

Successful Financial Planner and Investor, Michael Isom, had built steam On a Second Ascent to Big Success, and was searching for a Better System to Ensure Its Growth while pouring time and attention into his family. Brotherhood Member #1; Mike's story is inspiring.

“I Was Looking For a Group of Powerful Men I Could Relate to.”

eCommerce maverick Rick Steele was already living life beyond most's dreams. 70MM company, healthy, great family. But there was a Search, a Gap He Wanted to Fill Through Powerful Association with 4-Dimensional Men. Such a cool dude! Check this story.

“I Got More Out of This Than My Masters In Business...”

Alan Earl came to Warrior for modern business strategy, marketing, and beyond. What he got was more than he planned; A Brotherhood to Help Him Hit Big Results and Tools to Become a Better Dad.

“Already Being Successful, I Redrew the Line for What Was Great for Me.”

Serial entrepreneur Greg Anderson used the methods of Warrior to take an already great life, and Completely Redefined What 'Having It All' Meant to Him; Expanded His Business without Burning Out; and 10X'D His Income.

Will this be The End, or The Beginning for you?

So here you are brother.

Your moment of decision.

Will this be The End, or The Beginning for you?

By now you’ve watched at least one of the Warrior Mini-Movies, or even the entire series.

Inside of your experience, at some point, you got sucker-punched…

And I know it hurts like a bitch.


Because if you’re still here reading these words…

You were called to this Movement. This Brotherhood.

You needed a wake-up call to rip you from the slumber you’ve been settling for across every area of your life.

And after watching this soul shredding mini-movie series…

You KNOW There Is MORE Within You...

In the past, there was no proven system to unlock the doors to your eternal expansion with your BODY, BEING, BALANCE and BUSINESS.

There was no solution…

Until now.

Wake Up Warrior Is Your Path to Greatness.

But I can’t walk it for you.

It’s on you brother.


Will you take the first step?

Will you finally choose yourself?


You’ve come this far brother.

You hear The Voice inside of you telling you to MOVE.

You’ve been hearing The Voice through every minute of the entire mini-movie series…

And you know it’s speaking the truth.

It’s time for you to fucking listen.

Stop hiding from your power.

Stop silencing the voice of the Warrior King within you.


For your wife.

For your kids.

For your community.

For your business.

For this world.

This is your moment.

And you know this is not The End.

Embrace your new beginning inside of Wake Up Warrior by hitting that button below and submitting your application.

For if the king doesn’t rise, the kingdom dies.

Resurrect your kingdom brother.


THE END. (Until I see you inside)

Garrett J. White

Founder, Wake Up Warrior
Author, Warrior Box
Creator, Warrior App
Guide, Warrior Map


Still here brother? Still reading?

Are there still those nagging whispers of doubt creeping through your mind, planting cancers that attempt to shatter your courage?

It’s all fucking lies.

Those whispers of doubt are terrified of you right now.

Because they know you are on the brink of leaving them for dead as you move forward as a Warrior King on the RISE.

Silence the lies…Suffocate your doubt.

Take the first step and APPLY NOW!


One last thing.

Right now you will make a choice.

You will either commit to your pursuit of limitless prosperity across every part of your life and join the brotherhood of Wake Up Warrior…

Or you will walk away from this page and try to figure it out on your own.

And while I can fucking guarantee that if you follow the system and science of Warrior, use the tools and do the fucking work you WILL create life-transforming results in the next 12 to 18 months…

I have no damn clue what you’ll be able to accomplish on your own.

But I do know this from years of leading over 53,000 men through the Wake Up Warrior curriculum.

If you walk away today, I will add your name to my list just like so many others before you.

It’s a list of men who heard the calling of Warrior and walked away.

Only to return 1, 2 even 3 years later after their life burned to the ground.

Divorce…Bankruptcy…Health Failing.

Finally, they chose to RISE after they lost it all.

I Don’t Want You to Walk Through That Hell Brother.

I don’t want you to wait.

I want you to embrace your calling.

I want you as my brother in this movement.

I want you to finally see the truth.


Act like one and submit your application now.

I’ll see you on the other side.



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