Hope Is NOT a Strategy.

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But it's The DOOR Garrett J. White, the founder of Wake Up Warrior, and welcome to the new daily fuel. Today's topic is this shitty planning Mother's Day, man. Sit back, relax and welcome to today's Daily Show.

In a marketplace driven by fear, the only thing that will allow you to win is fighter, my friends. Welcome to the Daily Fuel. All right, the time regarding this Mother's Day has just occurred, and I'd like to say that I put it in better planning, but I did not I did not put in better planning. If I told you to put in better planning, am lying about the fact that putting better planning what I did put in was I put in some planning, but what I did not plan for was there were no contingencies for was dinner.

Nonsense. Come on, come on, Garrett, dinner, really, you didn't plan ahead for Mother's Day? Are you serious right now? What's wrong with you? Are you out of your mind? Are you stupid? Listen, I put in a lot of planning. I did the gifts. I got flowers. I got everything lined up. Normally we go to Mother's Day.

For the past six years, we've gone to some buffet to go to a buffet, one of the hotels.

We go to a buffet, one of the one of the establishments where we get to engage with and connect with and be within the conversation of family. Right. We've taking my mother in law, taking my parents to take my wife, but she gets dressed up. We've gone to the montage, gone to the Monarch Beach Resort. We've gone to a certain hotel. We tend to go to hotels. Right. We live in a place where it's a ton of five star hotels here.

They don't have totally overpriced Mother's Day brunches. But as you know, it is covid-19 time, which means the only kind of food you're going to pick up is to go food the end. Like that's it to go food for you. Welcome halleluja. Here you go. A little to go food. So we have those options. I knew this was a case and there were a couple of ways my wife was thinking about having food, but I didn't know what time she was going to want to eat out.

I didn't know when, where in the day we were going to eat. I didn't know. I literally didn't know what to do right. And I knew what to do, but I didn't know what to do at the same time. Now, could I have figured out what to do? Yes. But what I was sitting back on was waiting under a strategy. And here's a strategy. Ready the strategies hope. I was hoping it is all going to work out.

Just hoping I could show up somewhere in their place, we can get some food, just hoping that the restaurants we normally go to would do some Mothers Day to go. Well, I hope strategy got punched in the balls come some Sunday morning when I start calling around recognizing that everything I need to do is put in food orders. The day before, if I had called, OK, down on the Goongerah call somewhere else and got him a food order the day before, we'd had to deliver to our house at any time.

We want it hot, fresh, ready to go. Could have set it out. Could have been like Thanksgiving. Could have been perfect. Amazing extension, but no, I didn't. Here's the lesson. Hope is not a strategy. It's not a strategy. Right. I use it. I mean, it's like I say that. And yet still I find myself in situations using hope as a strategy. It's not a strategy. It's never been a strategy.

It can't be a strategy. How could it be a strategy yet? I've used it. I've tried to use it as a strategy. Now it doesn't work. I hope it's not a strategy.

Hope is sitting back and wishing that things would be something instead of creating them to be something like what could I have done? I could have done like there's like 50 different things I could have done to Benmore planned and more prepared for dinner for Mother's Day. But I didn't do it now did we? Audible. Yeah, we audible. We went to go. Sure. We got some food, some tacos. It was good. Everybody enjoyed the great tacos, went to the beach.

We had a good time family. Great. We had a great party. Ended up well. Right. But the problem really sits in sauces and the fact that I was using hope is a strategy. Now, I used to do this in business. I hope all the time you should do this with date night is hope. Hope it's going to work out. And I would wait till the last possible moment until I was compelled into a situation. And then once I was compelled into a situation, then I would hope that things would just naturally be available.

Now, what I recognized I was doing to myself was creating pressure. And inside that pressure, I was forced myself to make some decisions. And that's what the whole strategy is all about. The whole strategy is about compelling you to make a decision. So the real problem is not hope and the real problem is not the strategy. What's the real problem is you won't make a fucking decision that's old. And why haven't I seen make it? I've thought about this for like four or five straight days, not all day long, but I thought about at least once or twice a day.

Hey, you should probably see this. Hey, I even sent an email to one of the restaurants because I couldn't get anybody to answer when I called, only to find out that I was calling the wrong number. I could have called the right one anyways. There's nothing but straight victim talk and sad hope strategy. And I was filled with them to some question, who is this? Where in your world across Body, Being, Balance & Business do you currently find yourself in a place of hope as a strategy, knowing that hope must die here, that hope is not a strategy I hope will not get.

What you want is you playing in your body, he playing you being playing your balance. You play any business, you do some shady stuff like mine on the Mother's Day. Hope you planning for dinner.

What's that area? And my second question is this. What could you do today to kill the hope and make it a guarantee?

My friends, all I got for his Garrett J. White sinus and like one.

Good afternoon and good night, my friend. You just finished the daily fuel. Here's the deal. I ask you a question specific to a story, but the ultimate question I have for you. Are you willing to do the work in a world filled with fear? Every single day you have a decision to learn to live and to lead my friend the stack core for The DOOR in the game. They're your weapons and your she'll take this fuel, take those weapons and light yourself on fire.

Get to work now.

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