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Every Path Includes 4 Critical Access Points of Action, Association, Accountability, and Acceleration.

But the the Access LEVEL You Choose will naturally determine the SPEED & POWER in which you'll be to able to collapse the time it takes to achieve your desired results, and overcome what's in the way...

So don't take this decision of urgency lightly...You Know What's At Stake For Your Business, Family and Most Importantly YOURSELF & Your Legacy...So Take a Deep Breathe, and Choose Wisely.

  • Your 'Pre-Qualified' Status Expire @ 11:59PM PST Thu Dec 22, 2022

  • What Happens After Thursday, December 22, 2022?

1) You will no longer have the opportunity to join the Warrior Council directly so that you can take FULLY advantage of the Mastermind Experience from day 1 while you also complete the Warrior Launch Program Requirements.

2) You will no longer be able to step into Warrior Launch based on your current member status alone. After this, everyone will be required to apply - and there's no guarantee you'll be accepted by the Warrior Gatekeepers.

So this is your LAST CHANCE to Go ALL IN...or risk missing out completely.

Option 1: The FAST Path to Freedom:

LIVE the Warrior's Way

This is for you if you’re committed to doing the work inside a Hard Charging, Coaching Experience that combines Access to Elite Training, Weekly Coaching, Virtual Masterminds and a Large Warrior Tribe Unit of Brothers on the same road to expansion.

  • Click Play Below For a Quick Tour

  • Investment: 4x $3,125 Monthly Payments, or 1x $10,000

  • Starts Immediately and Runs Through ALL of 2023.

  • Led By the Wake Up Warrior Training Team

Here's What You Get:

  • Access to Monthly Virtual 2-Day Fact Map Masterminds

  • Access to Monthly Virtual 2-Day Meditation Mastery Retreat

  • Access to Monthly Virtual 2-Day Soul Purpose Intensive

  • Two (2) Weekly Coaching Calls (Learn + Live The Way)

  • Warrior Launch Tribe Large Group Accountability

  • 3-Day Warrior Launch Crucible Event*

  • 12 Months of FREE Access to WarriorApp 2.0

  • Lifetime Access to the Warriors Journey & Armory Vault

  • Dedicated VIP Support (Zoom & Live Chat)


*The 3-Day Warrior Launch Crucible Event (In-Person or Virtual) marks your successful graduation of Warrior Launch, and Grants you a Warrior's Way Certification

Option 2: The FASTER Path to Freedom:

LEVERAGE the Warrior's Way

This is for you if you’re ready to rise inside an intense Mastermind of Warriors who are seeking to go beyond extraordinary…A mastermind that has you relentlessly stack profits through potent, NO BULLSHIT Accountability & Association with your council of elite achievers.

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  • Investment: 12x $3,125 Monthly Payments, or 1x $32,500

  • Starts Immediately and Runs Through ALL of 2023.

  • Led By the Warrior Training Team + Garrett J. White

  • Limited to 120 69 42 27 16 9 3 Businessmen

Here's What You Get:

  • Monthly 2-Day Production Workshops (In-Person or Virtually)

  • Weekly 3-Hour Virtual Council Roundtable

  • Warrior Council Tribe Small Group Accountability

  • EVERYTHING Inside the Warrior LAUNCH Coaching Program

  • FREE Access to WarriorApp 2.0 Through ALL of 2023.


Plus, you'll get priority & early access to Trainer (coming 2Q23) and White Label Options (coming 4Q23) with the WarriorApp.

Option 3: The FASTEST Path to Freedom:

1:1 Mentorship Program

This is for you if you’re a man willing to GO ALL IN for your legacy of prosperity and unlock a quantum shift across your Core4. Step into a personal mentorship program with Garrett himself as he pours elite perspectives into you and your business to 10X your entire fucking life!

Garrett J. White
Garrett J. White

Your Million Dollar Mentor

  • Investment: $500,000 (Payment Plans Available)

  • Starts Immediately and Runs Through ALL of 2023.

  • Exclusively Led By Garrett J. White Personally

  • Your Experience: Personal 1:1 Mentorship

  • Limited to 10 7 4 1 0 Businessmen

Here's What You Get:

  • EVERYTHING Inside the Warrior LAUNCH Coaching Program

  • EVERYTHING Inside the Warrior COUNCIL Mastermind

  • Unlimited Virtual 1:1's with Garrett (Zoom, Voxer, Phone)

  • Two (2) Personal Intensives @ YOUR HQ

  • Unlimited Personal Intensives @ Garrett's HQ

  • Direct Access to Lead Facilitator & Head of Warrior Support


Frequently Asked Questions​

Your Warrior LAUNCH Program starts 'IMMEDIATELY', and kicks off with your 1st Round of Two (2) Weekly Group Coaching Sessions. The 1st session is where the focus is to LEARN the most potent ways to Leverage the Warrior's Way, and the 2nd focuses on how to MAXIMIZE your results LIVING it at the Highest Level.

Your experience with the Warrior COUNCIL Mastermind starts 'IMMEDIATELY', and officially kicks off with your first Weekly 3-Hour Monday Roundtable where you'll quickly find your new council of elite achievers will have zero tolerance for anyone inside playing small at any level or any way...So buckle up!

Yes. Every single session will be recorded. You can expect Virtual Weekly Sessions of any type that belongs to your access level to be accessible to you within 24 hours. Recordings of multi-day events will be published within 7 days.

Long story short? You will be granted LIFETIME access to essentially EVERYTHING on the Warrior's Way that you see inside the Warrior Armory Dashboard, plus the Big Money Marketer Masterclass.


Here's a Quick Overview of Everything Inside...


  • The Wake Up Warrior Challenge
  • The Warrior's Journey Summits
  • Six (6) AudioBooks (WarriorBox Digital)
  • The Big Money Marketer MasterClass
  • Four (4) Additional Immersive Challenges From 2018-2019
    • The 4-Week KINGS KIT Kings Challenge
    • The 6-Week BE THE MAN Challenge
    • The 6-Week Attack with the Stack Challenge
    • The 6-Week Core4 Have It All Lifestyle Challenge

And so much more...

The Meditation Mastery Retreats are targeted to be hosted on a monthly basis throughout 2023, but this also depends on the demand. The first occurrence is scheduled for January 12-13, 2023. You can expect full schedules to be released on a Quarter by Quarter basis.

The Fact Map Masterminds are targeted to be hosted on a monthly basis throughout 2023, but this also depends on the demand. The first occurrence is scheduled for January 26-27, 2023. You can expect full schedules to be released on a Quarter by Quarter basis.

The Soul Purpose Intensives are targeted to be hosted on a monthly basis throughout 2023, but this also depends on the demand. The first occurrence is scheduled for January 19-20, 2023. You can expect full schedules to be released on a Quarter by Quarter basis.

YES! Limited in-person seats will be made available on select dates for all three (3) events (Meditation Mastery, Fact Map Mastermind, and Soul Purpose Intensive). In-person tickets to these events are included FREE for Warrior Council Mastermind Members.


The opportunity to get a ticket for an additional fee will also be extended to Warrior Launch Coaching Program participants depending on availability.

For a limited time only...You are given FREE Bonus Access to the WarriorApp through ALL of 2023 when you join the Warrior LAUNCH Coaching Program or the Warrior COUNCIL Mastermind. After this, you will be required to be on a paid subscription plan to keep your access rights.

You'll be pursuing your Impossible Games and Freedom without access to Coaching, Masterminds, or Powerful Associations & Accountability with like-minded businessmen who not only KNOW the battles and challenges you are facing...but who are waging that same wars as you on a daily basis.


In other words, you'll be left with the same levels of access to association and accountability that have facilitated the results you have today. The only difference is, you'll at least be weaponized to win for as long as you maintain your access to WarriorApp 2.0...

If you're currently a Shelter or Shield Member and will not be joining us inside any of the new programs for any reason...Your current access to the WarriorApp will naturally expire when we completely retire both Memberships at midnight Pacific on December 31, 2022.


To retain your Access to the WarriorApp beyond this, you must re-commit to a NEW subscription plan for a maximum of $199/mo... Meaning, you will be grandfathered in at whatever LOWER current member rate that you may have been able to take advantage of when you joined up...This chance will open up no later than Dec 1 so that you have ample time to ensure you avoid any interruption of your access.

Yes...If you currently find yourself with a pre-paid plan or have otherwise acquired access to anything beyond Dec 31, 2022, that is retiring...You will be given refunds and/or credits toward your chosen path. If you have any questions or concerns about this, you can reach out to support@wakeupwarrior.com

  • Don't You EVER Forget.

WarriorCon4 Was Your GATEWAY to HAVING IT ALL As a FREE Man...

And If You Were There AND Went ALL IN...You Know DEEPLY What's At Stake For You.

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