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Smash Your Goals, Shatter Your Limits

  • Stop Failing With Your Goals By Leveraging This Shockingly Simple Yet Profoundly Effective Method To Designing & Creating Life-Transforming Results!

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Picture of From The Desk of Garrett J. White
From The Desk of Garrett J. White

Founder of Wake Up Warrior

  • Stop Screwing Around with Vision Boards, Bullshit Affirmations & Fantasy Thinking…

It's Time You Leverage A Proven System That Stacks Real, Radical Results

  • Are you a go-getter & purpose-driven entrepreneur who keeps falling short of hitting goals and achieving profit-pulling results that really matter to you?

  • Do you keep trying outdated goal-setting techniques only to buy into yet another hyped-up coaching program that doesn’t deliver you LASTING real-life results?

Then listen closely…Because what you’re about to discover is only for someone who wants to achieve life changing success and is sick of all the bullshit motivation.

So if that’s you…Keep Reading

Because you know how it goes don’t you?

You’ve tried time and time again to set the goals that light you on fire…

But the methods to make them your reality always fall short…

Leaving you pissed off and in a shitload of pain.

  • And yet you kept fighting to BECOME MORE...

  • So you could DO MORE...

  • Because you HAVE MORE.

You kept searching for a better way to powerfully set and achieve the goals in your mind…

  • MASSIVE TARGETS that ignite a passion and power of designing a life on your own terms, where you set the rules, call the shots, and FEEL ALIVE.

But every “next new thing” you’ve tried left you alone in a dark abyss with only two experiences:

  • You burned yourself out trying to rely on sheer willpower, “grinding 24/7” and doing it alone.

  • You did so many things and yet always felt like you were running out of time and never truly achieved what you really wanted!

So you always found yourself hoping for the next magic pill mixture of hype & hope…

But all it did was drain your power to create real change, shocking growth, and experience limitless possibilities.

The impossible can become possible once you know how to play the goal-setting game the right way…

Not the hype way.

That right way is called…

the 3-Day Fact Map Mastermind

  • Powered By the 'Winning Impossible Games' Warrior's Way Protocol

Imagine what’s possible for you if you do this right now…

  • Set meaningful targets & goals you actually want to achieve and experience so you become liberated from being dictated or limited again by your family, friends, or the outside world.

  • Engage in a new way of thinking and do the work that allows you to have zero doubt that you’re going to GET SHIT DONE.

  • Stop wasting time on anything that doesn’t move you faster to achieve your goals…So you can save yourself endless hours of frustration, distraction, and smash procrastination.

Isn’t it finally time for you to dump the stress, anxiety, and overwhelm of trying to hit your goals?

The Fact Map Mastermind is your access point to unleashing a divine reset for your entire life.

This is your permission slip to step back into YOUR POWER.

And what you’ll experience inside of The Fact Map Mastermind isn’t just some random idea, blind hope or untested theory.

This is a science of
elite achievement

  • That has been proven for years in the real world.

Because you don’t need more information based on hype and half-truths…

You require a transformation that can only be found inside of facing the mirror so you can SEE the truth of WHAT YOU REALLY WANT…

And understand why you’re not getting it now.

It’s time you got real and raw.

So you can make your vision 100% relevant and focused on the most important thing…


  • And no matter how many times you’ve tried to unlock the door to...

Making radical change within your fitness, faith, family and finances…

  • It’s Not Too Late To Change Course.

Living an ordinary life was never your calling, your purpose.

The level of success you’ve achieved now isn’t where you’re meant to stay forever.

You were born with the ability to live as a high achiever…

  • But you’ve never been given the Legitimate Maps, Tools, and Training to get it done!

And so every single time you set the goals that could alter the entire reality of your life…

Your motivation fades into the fog of a daily haze of hell.

Where you only seem to have the strength to “get by” and never grow.

Your job, your relationships, your body, and your spirituality…

It all becomes an existence fueled by a gut-wrenching curse of deja vu.

  • Every Day You Wake Up Only To Wander Through Your World As Part Of “The Walking Numb.”​

Dead inside with no drive

That has to change NOW!

Because you MUST discover how to reject all the bullshit restrictions family, friends, co-workers, society, and religion put on you for years…

All of those so-called limits are f*cking lies.

It’s time you put an end to settling for less than you deserve in your life.

It’s time for you to experience MORE THAN ENOUGH.

But before you take your next best step into your own Fact Map Mastermind Experience…

You’ve gotta LET IT GO.

Wipe away every regret or loss of the past…

Because it’s not your fault.

Every damn thing you tried in the past never allowed you to see the true realm of possibility…

Because there was no way you could have solved your problems with the lack of power and destructive patterns you’d been struggling with for years.

  • All those other courses and programs could never keep you on track so you could...

Not Only Unlock Your HAVE IT ALL Lifestyle, But EXPERIENCE IT ALL!

You were never given the weapons to eliminate the terrorist of your mind so you could release yourself from fear, doubt, and uncertainty.

It’s time for you to suffocate all the second-guessing about your daily choices…

And tap into the unbreakable certainty that comes from what you’ll find for yourself through The Fact Map Mastermind Experience.

It doesn’t matter where you are now.

Everyone is qualified to RISE TO THE NEXT LEVEL OF SUCCESS…

And leave a “normal life” behind forever.

You simply must choose Reality vs. Insanity.

  • Once You FULLY Embrace Yourself and Your Undeniable Greatness...

You Must Have The FRAMES To Fearlessly Unleash Your FIRE & FOCUS…

  • Or You’ll Just Keep Burning Yourself Out On Bullshit Fantasies And Lies.

So why do the majority of frustrated go-getters find themselves failing over and over again inside of their goal-setting methods?

It’s simple.

They don’t have a realistic game plan to follow and lose momentum before they even get started.

Sound way too damn familiar to you?

How many times in the past have you found yourself hopped up on hype and mesmerized by motivation with your goals…

Only to find yourself falling flat on your face in failure in a matter of weeks?

You’re not alone.

Millions of people who feel the call (just like you) to become high achievers and elevate all areas of their life to mind-blowing heights feel stuck in their pursuit of progress.

Because it’s one thing to crank out a list of big ass SMART goals…

But WTF do you do once you’ve made your decision?

And that’s always been the missing piece of the puzzle that lets you stack life-changing profits in your BODY, BEING, BALANCE, and BUSINESS.

You must have a proven method that allows you to answer the Two (2) most important questions…

  • “How am I going to MAKE this happen?”

  • “What are you supposed to be DOING?”

You must have a personalized game plan that lays out YOUR ACTIONS.

Daily, weekly, monthly, and over the next 12 months.

But your daily work and disciplines must also be Driven by YOUR PURPOSE.

Without that predefined fuel, you’ll crack under the chaos and pressures of our daily world.


You must have the ability to become a scientist of your own success…

As you analyze what’s working and not working for you with laser-like precision that leads you back to instant power, consistent progress, and more importantly: MORE PROFITS!

In the past, your mind kept you lost and confused…

Wondering what it would take to hit your ultimate life goals?


Because you didn’t have the damn maps to find your way to the finish line!

This is why The Fact Map Mastermind is unlike anything else you’ve tried before inside of setting and achieving your goals and creating your own HAVE IT ALL LIFESTYLE.

It’s a high-impact, streamlined experience that gives you access to an Elite 3-Stage Success System.

  • No Fluff, No Wasting Time.

  • All of it with one goal of you finally separating Facts from Fiction.

  • For you to move out of the Land of Fantasy…And finally stop the “mental masturbation” that keeps you running in circles of scarcity forever.

Because the life you live now is beneath your standards of success.

It’s time for you to RISE to the next peak of your prosperity.

And the Fact Map Mastermind unlocks your ability to create a life by YOUR DESIGN.

Imagine if what was in your mind was showing up as YOUR LIFE?

You’ve been searching far too long for a way to elevate what your life can become.

Now is your chance to Experience First-Hand the “Warrior Time Warp” and Radically Transform all of your expectations of what’s possible in the next 6 to 12 months.

Face Your Facts...And Unlock
the Power of NOW!

Secure your exclusive seat for The Fact Map Mastermind by clicking the button below.

Because it’s your time for you to Win the Impossible Game.

3.2.1. Off you go


Garrett J. White

Founder of Wake Up Warrior,
Author of the WarriorBox,
Creator of the WarriorApps,
Guide of the WarriorMaps.

Your 3-Day Fact Map Mastermind Schedule

Right Now

Your Pre-Training Protocol

Your Fact Map Mastermind Pre-Training Protocol has been created to ensure you Become 100% PREPARED and Ready to Design & Battle-test Your Game of Creating Meaningful Results…

So do not take this lightly…Attack it with urgency exactly as instructed inside, and commit yourself to make the small time investment of 4-6 hours that it requires.

Right Now

Day 1

Building Your Foundation

Set Your Rock-Solid Starting Point By Facing Your Facts And Secure Your Certainty So You Can Pivot Into The Immediate Power Of Now!

  • Instantly establish a rock-solid foundation of what’s working and not working in your life now so you can set the stage to ultimately break through to build your ideal life.

  • Finally dump all the guilt, shame, and judgment of your past goal-setting attempts and tap into the liberating power of accepting your truth so you can move forward FEELING FREE.

  • You’ll be driven to ask yourself the most important questions…WHY are you here? And WHO are you going to choose to become?
Day 1

Day 2

Creating Your Impossible Game

Stretch Your Limits To The Brink Of Bold Belief So You Can Set Your Sights On Goals That Shock Your System Back To Life!

  • Redefine your expectations of life-changing success as you are guided through an empowering process that elevates your goals from realistic to radical to impossible.

  • Stop being led around by everyone else and what they think you should do and find the unstoppable courage and faith to COMMIT TO YOUR OWN DESIRES.

  • Set yourself up with “impossible goals” that unlock the divine pull of purpose-driven actions that allow you to tap into effortless discipline and high-performance habits.
Day 2

Day 3

Building Your Future

Lock-In Your Focus And Step Into A Fast Action Plan That Unlocks Steady And Reliable Progress In Hyper Productive, 3 Month Bursts!

  • Eliminate procrastination and energy-sucking distractions as you dial in your “Future Fact Map” that keeps you on the fast track every quarter of the year

  • Dump all the overwhelm, confusion, and stress of old-school goal-setting methods and gain instant access to unshakable certainty with your daily, weekly, and monthly actions.
  • Transform your next 12 months into 4 mind-bending, life-shifting short-term games that keep radically elevating your personal power and stacking profits like clockwork…
Day 3

This Shockingly Simple Yet Profoundly Powerful Protocol of Achievement has already transformed the lives of over 18,000+ Warriors since 2016.

All so you can realistically create your own Have It All Lifestyle…

Where each realm of your life feeds the other simultaneously.

Never again will you have to sacrifice one part of your life in order to rise in another!

Through leveraging your Fact Map Mastermind Experience…

  • You can build your perfect Body...

  • Re-ignite your sense of higher power

  • Light your marriage on fire with passion and intimacy...

  • Reconnect with your kids both as a parent and their best friend...

  • AND smash scarcity as you rake in radical new levels of profitable revenue!

By the time you complete your own Fact Map Mastermind…

You’ll be able to shatter any obstacle that attempts to set you back and never again settle for a life full of bullshit and lies.

This is your shot at creating real, lasting success…

Take It Now.

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