Here's the WUW Armory 3.0 & Central Command


As declared inside the Pre-Launch Unveiling HERE, the WUW Central Command (CCMD) is the VIRTUAL Warrior Headquarters and the brand NEW base of our operation. It is from this base that the Mission of Warrior will be fulfilled; which is to not only get the transformative training & experiences, and our cutting-edge tools, weapons, and systems into the hands, minds & hearts of millions, but to also ENSURE the (Painful) Process of Growth & Expansion becomes as Enjoyable & Efficient as possible.

Now…On top of what was released September 21, 2021 (which is re-caped in the below Roadmap), we got plenty more in store for you with how CCMD Is Nothing Short of a Movement Enabler that will ultimately set a new standard for Visionaries, Coaches, Leaders & Entrepreneurs on how to create unprecedented one-of-a-kind experiences.

With what is coming down the pipeline, you’ll get opportunities to bring your Family and/or Team in with ease, experience an Utmost Liberating Experience (if you have the courage to), and Participate, Engage, Contribute, Leverage, and Even Bank PROFITS from interlinked projects previously deemed to be something Warrior has been ‘light-years’ away from even consider doing.

So Welcome to a New Era of Warrior.

Here's What to Do NOW!

🚨 Disclaimer: The Below dates and timelines are Subject to Change and should under no circumstances be considered to be final or conclusive. Each item can potentially be launched faster, or slower. This Roadmap is only provided to you for your awareness so you know what is in store for you within the WUW Central Command Project.

Project Status: LIVE!

Armory 3.0 Member Launch

✅ Launch Date: Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Launched to Shelter & Shield Members with primarily the available Journey Curriculum; Armory 3.0 has been carefully crafted from the ground up to give you an elevated learning experience that is not only smooth & distraction free but also helps you attain what you learn even more effectively.

Plus, Armory 3.0 comes with built-in progress tracking, and Relevant Resources & References are readily available to you throughout where appropriate together with Clear-cut Assignment Instructions leaving no doubt about what’s next. Your Armory 3.0 Experience also provides you with easy access to Key Member Updates so you are never more than a click away from the latest General’s Tent, Member Replay, and more.

Access the Armory 3.0 Dashboard HERE!

Project Status: LIVE!

Warrior Events Calendar

✅ Launch Date: Tuesday, September 21, 2021

With the Warrior Events Calendar directly integrated with our Systems; and your Account & Member Status, you are also never more than a click away from your next Impactful Event Experience that ultimately is your next opportunity to Accelerate Your Growth & Expansion.

Access the Events Calendar HERE!

Project Status: LIVE!

Account Management

✅ Launch Date: Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Want to easily change your email or shipping address? Want to know when your next subscription payment is due, change the payment method on file to avoid interruption of access, or to review your past investments? Want to see your upcoming or past Event TICKETS?

Look No Further Than Your “My Account” Page HERE!

Project Status: LIVE!

Brand New Knowledgebase

✅ Launch Date: Wednesday, October 13, 2021
🗓 Original Expected Release: Monday, October 11, 2021

While this will naturally be an evolving project as we continue to create, innovate, deploy and optimize your experience within Warrior; which includes but are not limited to everything you see on this page, and how we are working at Unifying, Simplifying, and Significantly Streamlining Your App Experience with the upcoming SINGULAR App Environment…?

We are currently diligently working on a BRAND NEW Knowledgebase (and Support Platform) that will be deeply integrated with Central Command, as well as the Apps helping YOU find Answers to your questions FASTER; and far more effectively. This will also include a Support Widget available throughout CCMD where you can Search & Find Relevant Docs to assist you without leaving the page.

Project Status: In-Progress

Armory 3.0 Journey Back-Tracking

🗓 Expected Completion: Monday, November 1, 2021

Starting Wednesday, October 6, the WUW Team will begin to manually ensure *Your Journey Progress within Armory 3.0 matches what you have TRACKED inside the Journey Tracker* within the ‘Winning Impossible Games’ App. 

On THIS ‘Journey Progress Backtracking’ Status Page, you can Review the Status & Timelines for the Five (5) Priority Groups, and/or OPT-OUT from getting your Progress Backtracked if that is desirable for you for any reason at all.

* Backtracking is exclusive to ACTIVE Members of Warrior Shelter or Above as of October 6, 2021 @ 3am Pacific Time, and is naturally limited to what you have actively tracked leveraging the Journey Tracker inside the Game App.

Project Status: In-Progress

Armory 3.0 Legacy Content

🗓 Expected Completion: Monday, November 1, 2021

While Armory 3.0 was released with the available 2021 Journey Curriculum, the WarriorBox AudioBooks, the Warrior’s Way Fortune Map / Video Courses, and the Big Money Marketer MasterClass…there’s more coming throughout the month of October with how Key Legacy Content will be migrated from Armory 2.0. This means the website will become completely obsolete, and will thus be shut down after ensuring all users have accurately been migrated/updated with appropriate access. That being said, 🚨 Progress will NOT be backtracked.

Specifically, here are the Courses / Experiences that will be released within Armory 3.0 in October:

  • (Inaugural) Warrior’s Way Doctrine / WarriorBook Videos (2016)
  • 60-Day Warrior Acceleration (2017)
  • KingsKit Challenge (2018)
  • WarriorCon3 (2018)
  • Strategic Seduction (2019)
  • BE THE MAN Challenge (2019)
  • Attack with the Stack Challenge (2019)
  • Warrior Core4 Challenge (2019)

🚨 Naturally, access to the above will depend on your past investments and/or Member Statuses.

Project Status: In-Progress

WUW Affiliate Program

🗓 Expected Launch Dates:
Members: Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Public: Tuesday, November 2, 2021

While the Affiliate Program has been in a Silent “Beta” Status for roughly a year (and only announced once to Members at the time), it is now time to make it official. If you’re a member of Warrior Shield or Shelter you’ll be the first to get an invitation to Officially Join the Mission of Warrior & Earn (Generous) Commissions Promoting the WUW Challenge, Books, AudioBooks, and more.

You’ll have Powerful Assets & Tools available to you so you can effectively promote with confidence & certainty, and you’ll also be free to turn any public page hosted at CCMD into an affiliate link…Want to share a Blog Post? Well, turn it into an affiliate link and see what happens…

Project Status: In-Progress

The Public Central Command

🗓 Expected Launch Month: November 2021 (Likely within Thanksgiving)

Yes, that’s right. There’s also an Essential PUBLIC Side to the Wake Up Warrior Central Command where it’s time to Feature the MOVEMENT of Warrior and everything we have to offer the currently Asleep Kings & Queens we’re called to Wake Up. Now, we’ve already begun deploying pieces of this covertly – but in the month of November, we officially go live with the below, with even more coming…

And obviously, you get to enjoy (and possibly participate in) the fruit of it all…:

  • The WUW Store
      • Books & AudioBooks (Bundles & Individual)
      • Courses & Challenges
      • Subscriptions & Memberships
      • Partner Offers
  • The WUW Blog
      • Untold Stories of Wake Up Warrior
      • Hidden Secrets From the Warrior Vault
      • In-Depth Code-Driven Articles within the Frames of Power, Perspective, Productivity, Production, Purpose, Profits, and more; with ‘Guest Blogging’ Opportunities for Members
  • Boring shit like “About” and things of that nature.
  • Plus, FREE Training Series & Warrior Movies
  • …and so much more.

Project Status: Planned

Chat LIVE with Warrior Facilitators

Did you see the Mention of the Support Widget when talking about the new Knowledgebase? Well…within that same Widget, you’ll also be able to Initiate LIVE Chats with Warrior Facilitators during certain time windows to be announced when we are ready to implement this for you.

Exactly when this will occur remains to be seen, and depends on a variety of factors related to Training Team Members, as well as the implementation of everything we’re currently working on. But rest assured this addition is important to us and has a high priority as there’s no doubt that this will enhance your Member Experience even more. So stay tuned for more details.

Project Status: Planned

WarriorApps Family Plans

🗓 Expected Launch Month: November 2021 (Likely in time for Thanksgiving)

Have you ever wanted to bring your FAMILY into the WarriorApps so they can Play the Warrior Core4 Game together with you more effectively, and leverage the Weapon of the STACK?

Well, soon you can. This member-exclusive opportunity allows you to secure up to 5 licenses that you can easily manage & distribute to your Family Members. Plans & Pricing will be released upon launch. (Special Terms & Conditions will apply.)

Project Status: Planned

Armory 3.0 Enhancements

🗓 Expected Project INITIATION: November 2021 (Late; but will continue into the new year, and onward.)

On top of the already Elevated Learning Experience within Armory 3.0, we are planning on making further enhancements implementing Gamification into the mix, as well as Giving You CERTIFICATIONS for Key Milestones within the 4 Summits of the Warrior’s Journey.

Plus, we’ll continuously be working on adding Relevant Resources within the Journey itself where appropriate, as well as adding New Standalone Mini-Courses, Experiences, and Often Re-visited Resources to help you easily refresh yourself, and effectively level up your Game Across the Core4.

Project Status: Planned

Warrior Member Profile & Directory

🗓 Expected Launch Month: December 2021 (Likely just in time for Christmas)

Within CCMD, you’ll also be able to create your own Warrior Profile and get yourself listed on the Member Directory to not only showcase your ACCOMPLISHMENTS within the Warrior Movement and your Personal Warrior’s Way Journey, but also display WHO you are, and WHAT you do.

The Directory itself will be searchable and filterable by Levels of Involvement, Tracked Accomplishments, Business Industries, Physical Locations, and more so that you can effectively find the EXACT King or Queen who shares the same Beliefs & Principles as you, who play at the same level as you, and who would be a good fit for YOU to Connect with in relation to Accomplishing YOUR Personal ‘Impossible Game’ Targets.

Project Status: Idea Stage

Deep Integrations with WarriorApps

🗓 Expected Project INITIATION: First Quarter of 2022

Naturally, this project just simply can not be initiated before ALL of the above is said & done, PLUS the Singular APP Environment has been successfully launched. As such, more information and timeline will be released towards the end of the year 2021 at the EARLIEST!

For now, just know we are planning to ensure that the upcoming SINGULAR App & CCMD will be deeply integrated, and potentially allow you to open up Stacks through a Widget within CCMD which would be HUGE for when you are wanting to do a Discover or Idea Stack for example while studying.

CCMD Feedback Form

We would love to get your Radically Ruthless Code-Driven Feedback on CCMD & Armory 3.0.

So please complete a GRATITUDE or ANGRY Stack depending on how you currently feel after seeing and learning more about everything you get through the CCMD Project, plus an IDEA Stack if you have any amazing ideas.

Next, simply submit your Stack(s) down below.

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